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These sneakers are cute, comfortable and colorful. Get them on offer! (Photo: Yhoon

If your lifestyle or work requires you to be on your feet all day, you know the importance of having the right shoes. Sure, there is no shortage of sneakers that advertise great support and impressive shock absorption – but how many of them really offer?

Lucky for your overworked shoes, Yhoon Women’s Walking Shoes run as advertised. They do the work of expensive sneakers branded shoes at a fraction of the price. Many of Amazon’s 9,200 five-star critics – including nurses, teachers and key employees – say they feel like they are walking in the air. They are also very excited about the price – starting at $ 26 in black, from $ 50.

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The socks that look like socks are made of light woven fabric and are elastic enough to slip in and out without having to be squeezed with laces. Yhoon Incredible Walking Shoes have garnered thousands of reviews from buyers of walking very. Here is what they had to say.

YHOON women's walking shoe, purple

Do not feel pain, thanks to the high shock absorption and the design of the platform. (Photo: Amazon)

Praise from the medical community

The soft construction has won praise from a nursing student who wrote: “These shoes are the best sneakers I have ever worn! I started nursing school wearing clogs … and my legs would kill me after I wore them for just three hours. I bought them because he said they were super-pillows and they make your feet feel supportive and they definitely do. The best purchase I have made for the nursing school. “

“I’m a nurse. I bought them for a job for good support,” wrote another.

Doctors also love Yhoon walking shoes. The certified podiatrist Dr. Polina Zaydenberg says the sole offers excellent shock absorption. “The platform is great for heel pain and metatarsalgia [pain in the ball of the foot]”, Shares with Yahoo Life.

Dr. Zaydenberg also loves the handy box – essential if you have a knuckle and hammer fingers.

And they are super cute! The 15 available colors include black, gray, navy blue and purple. And then there is the great price. Discount prices vary by color and size, but you can buy these sneakers for $ 26 right now – down 55% from $ 60.

$ 26 $ 60 on Amazon

Yhoon women's walking shoes, light gray

Comfortable Yhoon shoes keep customers on their feet. (Photo: Amazon)

Super comfortable

All day on your feet? You will be ready with this pair of stable comfort shoes. “I work for a hotel, so a lot happens here and there. I do not go home in pain anymore. “My legs and back no longer hurt,” wrote a five-star reviewer.

“I am a key employee and I often take shifts in the emergency department of my hospital. “Needless to say, I’m quite on my feet,” wrote a grateful user. “The comfort of the shoe is ridiculous and it is so easy to slip / rinse.”

“Love love. Great for my job as an elementary school teacher. My legs feel great by the end of the day. “I have to buy,” added another.

Wonderful walking shoe

Spending so much time at home makes the daily walk almost a necessity – and these kicks are just the ticket.

“I loved these shoes. I bought them for an eight hour walk to New York. I have wide legs and I am healing from L4 and L5 hernia. “There is absolutely no discomfort in the legs, back or legs,” wrote an enthusiastic buyer.

$ 26 $ 60 on Amazon

Yhoon Women's Walking Shoe (Photo: Amazon)

Float all day with these light sneaks. (Photo: Amazon)

Light like air

Despite the thick, supportive sole, these kicks are incredibly light – you will feel like you are walking through clouds!

“My God. Me after all “I found shoes that I can wear all day and not hurt my feet,” wrote a relieved buyer. “I have a knuckle and it is very difficult to find shoes that do not hurt. I work in a hospital and I have to walk a lot, go up and down stairs all day …[Yhoon] it literally feels like walking in the air. I clicked on my heels and jumped in the corridor of the hospital showing my friends my new slides “.

“There are no breaks in my work. “I stand for hours and everyone asks why I never get tired,” said a happy critic. “I had other good shoes for work, standing, walking. No one compares to that. “

$ 26 $ 60 on Amazon

The reviews above reflect the most recent releases at the time of publication.

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