Top truck bed accessories for 2022

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Here in America, almost everyone loves a good truck. After all, they are flexible, reliable and look great. Of course, the most defining feature of any truck is the truck bed, which unlocks a whole range of travel options that you probably would not have with any other vehicle, but if you own a truck and have not yet invested in some truck bed accessories, you may not use the function to its full potential. If you do not know where to start, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite truck bed accessories to make your truck much better. See below. It should be obvious, but make sure any accessories are compatible with your truck / truck bed size before making a purchase.

Basic features:

  • Made using heavy type 1680D Oxford double thread polyester seam

  • 3 large compartments – can be configured into 6 using removable dividers

  • Fully foldable in 4.75 “

  • Includes hard cover

  • Water and abrasion resistant with a waterproof 3-layer bottom board

  • Soft handles for easy transport

  • Includes adjustable V-type straps

This trunk arrangement is a great accessory for your truck bed because it can also be used in your garage or in the trunk of another vehicle. It is resistant to water and abrasion and is made of heavy-duty materials that help it last in difficult conditions. A hard cover is included and is also foldable under 5 inches. If you need an organization, it’s worth a look.

Basic features:

  • Ideal for separating different types of load

  • Can be attached to any mounting points on the truck bed

  • Made of durable, long-lasting, elastic material

A cargo net is a great accessory if you are only concerned about a few slippery items and want to keep them limited. It can be placed near the rear door to prevent things from slipping out, near the truck cab to keep things tight in the back of the truck or in between to give yourself two separate areas of the bed to work on. . Since it simply connects to the mounting points on the truck bed, you can also use several nets at the same time to find a device that works best for you.

Basic features:

  • Pulls on your luggage compartment door “like a big utility drawer”

  • Made in the USA

  • Non-slip lid

  • Durable while weighing only 20 pounds

  • 56 “width x 24” depth x 11 “height

  • Not intended for use in an open truck bed – requires tonneau cover or truck lid

If a net is not the best solution for your needs, what would you say about this freight box organizer? This can be pulled from your bed and onto the door of your luggage compartment like a drawer and can make it easy to carry things like groceries and goods without having to worry about being thrown all over the truck. This full size option is 56 “width x 24” depth x 11 “height, but if you need something a little smaller, they also make a medium size option.

Basic features:

  • Adjusts from 40 “to 70” length

  • Includes cushions for improved grip

  • No tools required for installation

The load bar is another type of accessory to keep your load where you want it. This is extremely easy to use, requires no tools to install and should fit snugly in any 40 “to 70” wide truck bed. The best part about a load bar is that you do not need mounting points to attach it, so you can arrange your truck bed any way you want.

Basic features:

Being able to jump fast and get out of a truck bed is something many of us take for granted. While most newer trucks have solutions to help people climb in and out, a real ladder is probably superior to any of them. This is easy to install and supports up to 300 pounds, so if you are looking for an easier solution to get in and out of your truck bed, it is worth a look.

Basic features:

  • Made of 150D oxford polyester, waterproof even without the extra canopy – the bottom of the tent also has a waterproof mattress

  • 3 built-in double glazed windows – 2 for sightseeing and 1 for hunting / observation

  • 4 built-in mesh bags inside the tent

  • Fits any 6.5 foot pickup bed

If you are the type of person who loves to camp, then this could be the perfect accessory for you. Why set up your tent next to your truck when you can set it up right on top? This tent is waterproof, has many built-in windows and should fit in any 6.5 foot truck bed. If you have a smaller truck bed, do not worry, they also make a smaller version.

Basic features:

  • Compatible with Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks with 5.8-foot beds – not compatible with CarbonPro composite beds

  • “Hard enough to protect your bed – soft enough to protect your load”

  • Non-slip surface

  • The mat is slightly raised by the “dry tips in the air” that allow air to pass through to keep things dry.

Although truck beds are made to carry things, you should not leave them unprotected. A good bed mattress is a great idea to keep your bed free of scratches and dents. This is made with a non-slip handle to prevent your cargo from slipping and is even slightly raised to keep things dry underneath. If your bed could use some protection, this rug is worth a look.

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