The Pixar Franchise will debut “Cars on the Road” on Sept. 8 on Disney+

Photo credit: Pixar

Photo credit: Pixar

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It was way back in 2006 (16 years ago!) that Pixar first premiered Cars film, a critically acclaimed and widely distributed animated film, the wisdom of which soon made it a classic film. Since then, there have been two sequels called, creatively, Cars 2 and Cars 3plus a series of animated shorts set in Cars universe and feature the same cast of colorful characters. Not to mention billions of dollars in merchandise.

Come September 8th, look for a new chapter in the Cars world when Cars on the road debuts on the Disney+ streaming channel. In the new series, McQueen and Mater embark on a cross-country road trip, ostensibly to attend Mater’s sister’s wedding (“Wait a minute, do you have a sister?” McQueen asks). But as anyone who has ever taken a road trip knows, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

The intrepid pair encounter, in no particular order: monster trucks, big rigs, a Joie Chitwood-style stunt circus, and a Mad Max gathering of post-apocalyptic battle cars (what?). And it looks from the trailer like there’s a jet land speed attempt by Mater at Bonneville and an appearance by that giant car-selling dinosaur thing that was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson a few years ago. Oh, and a car theme park with a haunted mansion (garage?) just like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

Photo: Disney Pixar

Photo: Disney Pixar

Did they leave anything out? There was a lot of time to fill over the course of the series’ nine episodes. Once again McQueen is voiced by actor Owen Wilson and Mater by comedian and cultural icon Larry the Cable Guy. It is not yet clear who voices the other residents of Radiator Springs.

Disney is optimistic about the new show.

“The series is a cross-country romp with Lightning McQueen and Mater,” said director Steve Purcell. “Like any real road trip, every day is a new mini-adventure with unexpected twists and turns.”

If you are really into Cars stuff, and if you happen to be anywhere near the Anaheim Convention Center across from Disneyland in Anaheim, California on the day of the debut (September 8th), you can catch Disney+ Day. This is a birthday celebration of sorts for the streaming channel that includes promotions, events and content premieres for Disney+ subscribers. Disney+ Day then leads into the D23 Expo, billed as “The Ultimate Disney Fan Event Presented by Visa in Anaheim, CA. As part of the celebration, the streaming service will host special experiences for fans and subscribers and premiere new content from its flagship brands—Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.” Among the available premieres will be the Tom Hanks live-action film Pinocchiowhich will also debut on Disney+ on September 8.

In case you’re the last person on Earth who isn’t already a Disney+ subscriber, sign up here. It’s only $13.99 a month and you can track it Cars on the road over and over, just like you’ve watched Cars (the first) 400 times and we continue.

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