The dorm essentials you need to make this space more homely

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Board with pegs, hangers and work light

Bring all the comforts of home into your dorm room this fall. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

In the design world, the words “blank slate” get thrown around a lot—but nothing is as open to interpretation as a dorm room. Unlike living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms that get the common description, dorms are often nothing more than cold and dreary boxes waiting for students to give them style, color and comfort. Bed Bath and Beyond is a great place to take on the task of furnishing your dorm room with the essentials, as it has everything you need and want to feel right at home in this space all school year long. As you prepare to move in, be sure to take advantage of the College Savings Pass, which offers students 20% off purchases through September 21st. If you sign up now, you’ll be able to really take on the role of designer before he even arrives on campus.

And once you know which items will transform those blank walls and unique pieces of furniture into a homely setting, Bed Bath and Beyond will help you get them from the store to your front door. They also offer a Pack & Hold service, giving shoppers the opportunity to locate items they need at their local store or online and then pick them up at a location near campus within 60 days of their move.

Organizer with square pegs in black color

Always keep the essentials with you.  (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Always keep the essentials with you. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

A pegboard is the ultimate tool for versatile style in a dorm room. Not only will it hold everything from office supplies to bathroom essentials, but it’ll also give you an ever-changing area to display photos, stickers and other fun memories. Use the hooks to hold your keys too and you’ll never lose them.

$42 $60 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Pure Enrichment PureZone Breeze Desktop Air Purifier in White

Air purifier in the office near facilities and notebooks

Breathe easy with this little machine in tow. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

When something can promote cleanliness and look this stylish, then you know it’s worth the investment. The PureZone Breeze Pure Enrichment Desktop Air Purifier removes 99.9% of airborne particles—the stuff that can cause everything from allergies to illness—and it can do it from the corner of your closet or desk. As one reviewer put it, “I was able to breathe at night without the help of allergy medication for the first time in a while. I love my air purifier.”

$50 $60 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Novogratz x Globe Dobby 16″ Desk Lamp

Blush work lamp with brass accents

This little lamp will light up your life (or, at least, your desk). (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

It is very likely that you and your roommate have different sleeping schedules, which makes it necessary to have a lamp near your bed or on your desk. This metallic option comes in a gorgeous pink color that will match most other shades in your design and won’t take up too much space. Available in matte pink and teal/gold.

$35 $50 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Slim form velvet hangers in square color in black color

50 black non-slip hangers

These non-slip hangers are ultra slim to maximize storage space. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

An organized closet definitely comes in handy during the semester, especially if you have morning classes. Available in black, gray and white, these slim hangers help make the most of your wardrobe space while keeping your clothes firmly in place. One reviewer said, “These hangers are great for your closet. The clothes hang tight and yet do not wrinkle.’

$35 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Arctic Air Pure Chill 2.0 Evaporative Air Cooler

Arctic Air compact cooler

Keep your cool and your cash with this machine on sale. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Let’s be honest: The start of school usually happens to be in the middle of a heat wave. Make sure you stay comfortable day and night with this compact air cooler, cooling hot air with its multi-directional vents. There are seven light options to give it some style and four different settings that will quietly deliver cooling temperatures.

$40 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Square drawers with dividers in bamboo

Bamboo drawer divider shown on drawer

Add more flair to your drawers. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

All that new campus cut can turn into a wrinkled pile in your drawers, which is why these dividers can be so handy — they’ll give your clothes something to lean on so they stay folded and upright. This pack includes two dividers with tension springs that can be adjusted so you can use them in any space that needs a little tidying up.

$20 for two at Bed Bath and Beyond

Stasher 2-pack Sandwich Food Storage Containers

two packs of Stasher storage bags in various sizes

Reusable snack bags will reduce waste and save money: win-win! (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

You will eat a lot in the cafeteria. But when hunger strikes and the cafeteria is closed, you’ll be glad you used these storage containers to grab snacks for just that scenario. This two-pack comes with a 15-ounce sandwich container and a 64.2-ounce half-gallon container, and the platinum silicone keeps food fresher for longer. It’s also microwave safe, just in case.

$33 $44 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Simply Essential Double Hang Adjustable Wardrobe Rod

Two rows of clothes hanging on wardrobe rods

Maximize vertical storage with this clever rod system. (Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond)

If you need even more space for your clothes than a chest of drawers, this adjustable wardrobe rod will save you. It doubles the hanging space in your closet with adjustable rods and is made of 100% steel to hold up to 40kg. One reviewer said: “Absolutely perfect. Double the space for very little money and very easy to assemble.”

$18 at Bed Bath and Beyond

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