The Best Outdoor Solar Lights (2022)

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Outdoor solar lights for garden

Outdoor solar lights for garden

Do you want to enjoy your yard, even after the sun goes down? If you do, a set of solar outdoor lights may be just what you need. These handy little devices absorb solar energy throughout the day and then light up once the sun goes down.

They give off a lovely, bright glow that can not only light up your yard and make it look more beautiful, but also help make it more functional, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors for longer, rather than having to go back inside. when it gets very dark.

However, with so many solar outdoor lights on the market, many people struggle to choose the perfect set for their yard. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the top solar outdoor lights for 2022.

Top picks

Best Overall: Aootek Solar Lights

A strong, durable and easy to install set of solar lights

A strong, durable and easy to install set of solar lights

At the top of that list are these solar outdoor lights from Aootek. Strong, durable and easy to install, this option has many advantages. Sold in sets of four, each light features a total of 120 LEDs to provide incredible levels of brightness. It also comes with a large solar panel on top for maximum energy absorption. This product uses a wide angle design to illuminate larger areas and can operate throughout the night, making it work very well as security lights to illuminate key entry points or any dark areas around your property. With their strong, waterproof design, easy installation, and quality performance, these lights earn the best overall title for this list.

Basic features:

Ideal for trails: Innogear Outdoor Solar Lights

A set of outdoor solar lights

A set of outdoor solar lights

Next, we have these wonderful solar outdoor lights from Innogear. Available in two different colors, they are ideal for lighting paths or key areas of your garden. This option has strong plastic stakes that you can stick into the ground next to a path, but you can also mount them on a wall, giving you two different installation options and great flexibility. These lights are also highly adjustable and you can move the solar panel 180 degrees to capture additional energy. You can also angle the heads 90 degrees to illuminate those hard-to-reach areas. Performance is impressive in this product as well, absorbing solar energy 30% faster than most competing models and can shine for up to 12 hours at a time.

Basic features:

  • four LEDs per unit

  • Two lighting modes

  • Two mounting options

  • Anti-thermal and waterproof

Elite design: Brighttech Ambience solar outdoor lights

An attractive set of outdoor solar lights

An attractive set of outdoor solar lights

If you are looking for outdoor solar lights to beautify your yard, you may want to consider this great selection from Brightec. Attractively designed with Edison bulbs, they can be hinged along garden paths and fences to give your yard a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You can also wrap this product around decks, pergolas and other outdoor structures to create soft ambient lighting in the evenings. This is perfect for romantic moments in your backyard or dining outdoors with friends. They are very easy to install with the included stakes and clips, and you get 48 inches of string lights in each package.

Basic features:

Best Aesthetics: Kyekio Outdoor Solar Torches

An amazing set of outdoor solar lenses

An amazing set of outdoor solar lenses

If you’re looking for a set of lights that can really add some elegance and class to your outdoor space, check out this amazing selection from Kyekio. They are designed to look like torches, with flickering flames dancing around the inside. This product is great for adding some mood and atmosphere to your decks and patios and they are pleasing to look at and just perfect for BBQs, dinner parties and other outdoor events. With their simple design, you can stick these lights directly on the ground or attach them to walls and posts, whatever you want. This option is also constructed using top quality ABS for maximum durability and the brand offers a 45 day return period during which you can send the lenses back if you are not completely satisfied.

Basic features:

  • 12 LEDs per set

  • Up to eight hours of runtime

  • Stake or foundation installation

  • IP65 waterproof, dustproof, heatproof and frostproof

Ideal for decks: Solplex Solar Deck Lights

Solar lights are perfect for lighting up your deck

Solar lights are perfect for lighting up your deck

These deck lights from Solplex are absolutely perfect for deck lighting. They have a special angled design that makes them easy to place around the edge of your deck and keeps the solar lights pointing directly at the sky and absorbing as much energy as possible throughout the day. Lamps are placed around the inside of your deck to illuminate the interior. You can also install them around your fences or on other garden structures such as outdoor steps. Available in both warm white and colorful options, this option can be charged in just four hours and run most of the night. They are also very well made and made of quality ABS plastic to withstand rain, wind and other outdoor conditions all year round.

Basic features:

  • 16 lights per set

  • Over eight hours of runtime

  • Deck or fence installation

  • Waterproof and waterproof

How to find your next set of outdoor solar lights: Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some of the applications of outdoor solar lights, as well as give you some tips on installing and using them.

How do solar outdoor lights work?

These lights work using solar energy. They have small solar panels attached that absorb energy from the sun during the day. This energy is used to charge a small battery inside the lights. Then, when the sun goes down, a small sensor detects low-light conditions and automatically turns on the lights.

The uses of outdoor solar lights

Solar outdoor lights offer a wide range of uses.

1. Security

Many people use these lights for safety reasons. You can place them around the entrances of your home, like a garage door, to deter intruders. You can also place them in areas around your yard that are too dark to help eliminate potential hiding places.

2. Decoration

Many people simply like the look of outdoor solar lights and use them for decorative purposes. They can help make your backyard, deck, or garden more pleasant to view in the evenings.

3. Events

Solar outdoor lights are great for use during events. They can work well for weddings, barbeques, parties and neighborhood gatherings, helping to illuminate the outdoor space so everyone can see clearly and enjoy the fun late into the night.

4. Practical

Solar outdoor lights can also serve the practical purpose of making your yard more usable after dark. Maybe you’d like to go out more in the evenings, but don’t just want to sit in the dark. These lights give you an energy-efficient way to get outside more and more.

Ways to install and use outdoor solar lights

There are several ways to install and position your solar lights. Here are some options and tips to keep in mind:

  • Stake Installation: Many outdoor solar lights have built-in plastic stakes. You can stick these stakes directly into the ground and let the lights absorb energy. Just be sure to choose areas that are not too shady due to obstructions such as plants.

  • Mounting on a fence: It is also possible to mount outdoor solar lights on fences. Most lighting kits will come with the hardware you need for installation. Again, look for areas along the fence that get a lot of sunlight to maximize the light from your bulbs.

  • Decks and Stairs: You may also like to install outdoor solar lights on your deck or stairs. You can place them along the outside rails of decks or stairs and point them inwards to illuminate the useful space.

  • Security: If you want to enhance your home security by using outdoor solar lights, place them near entry points to your home or in dark places that are hard to see, such as the area in front of your garage or back door.

How long do solar outdoor lights last?

It depends on the quality of the products you buy. Some cheaper solar lights can only last a few years before the battery cells die, but others can last for 10 years or more.

People also asked

Q: Is it okay to leave my solar lights off during the winter?

A: It depends. Some solar lights are strong enough to withstand freezing temperatures and snow, but others are not so strong and should be removed during the winter.

Q: How long will my solar lights stay on?

A: This also depends on the product you are purchasing. Some can run for about three to four hours, but others can stay on all night.

Q: Can I leave my solar lights on all the time?

A: Yes, you can simply leave the solar lights on in your yard to do their job. They will absorb and use energy automatically, without you having to press any buttons.

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