The best non-lace sneakers for 2022

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Sports shoes for running and working out comfortably

Sports shoes for running and working out comfortably

Are you frustrated with tying shoelaces every time you have to put them on or take them off? Do you feel uncomfortable wearing regular sports shoes, especially after walking or running a long distance? If so, then it’s worth investing in a pair of the top lace-up sneakers of 2022.

As the name explains these shoes have no laces, ensuring that you won’t have to waste time tying or untying them. They have a textile upper with an excellent degree of flexibility that greatly enhances your comfort. While walking or running in these shoes, you won’t feel your feet weighing down the ground with something heavy due to their lightweight construction. Let’s explore some of the top pairs of lace-up sneakers that we have selected for you.

Top picks

Best Overall: Nike Metcon Sport No Lace Sneakers

An athletic sneaker without laces from Nike

An athletic sneaker without laces from Nike

Nike is one of the leading shoe brands that always launches new footwear beyond the industry standards and this pair is no exception. Crafted from premium materials with a bootie construction for a sock-like feel, these sneakers are meant to last and redefine comfort. Their breathable upper promotes optimal air circulation, while the synthetic sole prevents chafing and injuries. Hook and loop straps, along with a stretchy upper, ensure a perfect fit around your legs. You can also quickly use the straps to adjust the fit while running or exercising. To offer more protection and comfort, the shoes have soft soles and midsoles. The unique multi-directional tread designs offer excellent grip and traction on most surfaces, making this pair the best overall on the market.

Basic features:

Most Colors: Blowfish Malibu Women’s No Lace Sneakers

A women's game sneaker from Blowfish Malibu

A women’s game sneaker from Blowfish Malibu

Want a pair of laceless sneakers to style for different occasions like Sunday brunch with a date or a casual night out with friends? If so, grab this pair from Blowfish Malibu without a second thought. With a casual, worn-in look, these slip-on shoes are easy to wear. Their elastic top makes it easy to move your feet in them. Thanks to their raised platform, they can increase your height and add more appeal to your outfit. They also feature a canvas upper with hollow metal eyelets, giving you plenty of room to flex your toes comfortably.

Basic features:

Top Quality: Adidas Women’s Slip-On Sneakers

Women's running shoes from Adidas

Women’s running shoes from Adidas

If you want high-quality non-lace sneakers with a quick break-in period and maximum comfort, Adidas has got you covered. Featuring a mesh fabric upper, these shoes offer high breathability while ensuring you don’t have to sweat over unpleasant odors. These slip-ons also come reinforced with criss-cross elastic straps to provide a sock-like feel and comfortable fit. With every step you take, the foam cloud shock-absorbing midsole will provide improved comfort while keeping fatigue at bay.

Basic features:

Stylish Design: Women’s Skechers No Lace Sneakers

Women's top sneakers for a quick escape

Women’s top sneakers for a quick escape

Skechers have really outdone themselves with this pair of laceless sneakers. Equipped with a knitted mesh upper with a soft inner lining, it offers optimal ventilation and keeps odors at bay. Bungee fabric with a stretchy inner panel makes these shoes easier to wear while still providing a great fit. Wearing them, you can walk comfortably without your toes getting crushed or the shoe slipping off the back side. These sneakers come with a padded tongue and collar to reduce fatigue and keep your feet comfortable. To improve your posture and balance, they feature a full-length memory foam cushioned sole. They also absorb shock and protect your feet from rocks and debris, offering enhanced protection.

Basic features:

Best Value: TIOSEBON Men’s Casual Non-Lace Sneakers

Men's casual slip-on sneakers

Men’s casual slip-on sneakers

If you want an affordable option with optimal comfort and lightweight construction, these laceless sneakers are for you. It features a python sole for added traction and a soft, stretchy upper for improved breathability and flexibility. Due to this unique construction, you can also use these shoes for hiking, running, exercising and walking. When you wear them while running, you won’t have to worry about compressive forces crushing your bones because their knit upper expands as you run.

Basic features:

Buying guide: No lace-up sneakers

In addition to providing comfort, a pair of slip-on sneakers improves your posture, agility and safety. But with so many different products on the market, finding the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this buying guide that contains all the important information to help you easily get the perfect pair.

The advantages of sneakers without laces compared to regular sports shoes

1. With laceless sneakers, you won’t have to waste your time tying the laces, unlike regular ones.

2. Thanks to the absence of laces, the shoes will not put pressure on your foot, provided you have the right size. If we talk about sneakers with laces, laces often cause discomfort.

3. No lace sneakers are always light and easier to carry. The same cannot be said for lace-up sneakers, however.

Factors to consider when buying sneakers without laces

1. Size

Without a doubt, size is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing slip-on sneakers. Although they are comfortable and offer a comfortable fit, the wrong size can never live up to the expected standards. For example, if you buy a shoe one size smaller, you will either find it difficult to slide on your feet or the inner lining will cause blisters and scuff marks. On a similar note, a larger pair of laceless sneakers will constantly slip off your feet the moment you try to take a step. Therefore, if you want to avoid all these inconveniences, do not forget to check the size of the chosen footwear.

2. Above

Most slip-on sneakers have a textile upper with mesh to improve breathability and the comfort level of the entire shoe. Due to the proper air circulation, your feet will not sweat much nor will your shoes collect or release any odor. Moreover, such footwear construction is extremely durable and helps you to wear them for a long time.

3. Pillow

If your chosen pair of laceless sneakers does not have cushioning, you will end up with injured feet, sore bones and swollen muscles because this feature acts as a shock absorber. This is why you should check whether the related footwear has proper cushioning or not. Usually, most products are reinforced with memory foam padding, as it can adapt to the shape of your feet and reduce pressure. Some products, however, are made with a material called cloud foam, which is also a great source of comfort and protection. Traction Regardless of the comfort and padding of the selected pair of laceless sneakers, you need to check whether it can create enough traction or not.

4. Attraction

it is a resistance force that helps you balance and walk comfortably without slipping. So, shoes should have a textured outsole or rubber sole to create the required traction to be able to walk easily on most types of floors.

5. Closing

As laceless sneakers do not have laces, they have other alternatives so you can enjoy a comfortable fit. On some shoes, you’ll find hook-and-loop straps or elastic cross-over straps that will easily adjust to the shape and size of your feet as you wear the shoes. Some products come with bungee straps that also bend and adjust to fit your feet.

6. Platform heel

If you want to increase your height, choose a pair of laceless sneakers with a platform heel structure. Usually, the height is kept at around 0.75 inches to ensure that you can walk comfortably without feeling any discomfort or pain in your feet while increasing your height.

Tips to maintain lace-free sneakers

Without proper maintenance, your laceless shoes won’t last long. That is why we have listed some maintenance and care tips that will help you extend their life.

  • Since most slip-on sneakers come with a fabric upper, do not wash them directly with water

  • To remove stain marks, use a safe cleaning solution that will not damage materials

  • Do not leave shoes as they are after running or walking as this can make them smelly

  • Air dry your shoes after each cleaning session

  • Remove dirt and grime stuck to the outsole

People also asked

Q: Should I wear socks without lace up sneakers?

A: If your pair of non-lace sneakers have a bootie construction or inner lining, you don’t need to wear socks because they provide a sock-like feel. I have plantar fasciitis.

Q: Can I still wear sneakers without laces?

A: The laceless sneakers are made in such a way that your foot problems will not get worse. Instead, you will feel more comfortable, with almost no pain.

Q: Can I blow dry my wet no lace sneakers?

A: No, avoid using heat to dry laceless sneakers. Just hang them up and let the sunlight and warm ambient air do the work.

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