The best flat feet shoes for 2022

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Shoes to relieve your flat feet

Shoes to relieve your flat feet

We all have unique foot shapes and sizes, right? This means we all need specific styles of shoes to maintain stability and comfort. One of the most common foot problems is flat feet, also known as pes planus, and it can be congenital or develop with age. It is not easy to choose the perfect shoes for flat feet.

A problem with your feet or footwear can be detrimental to your body and mobility. It can cause discomfort in the center of the arch of your foot, knee pain, ankle pain, lower back pain, and general foot fatigue. A heel counter and stable sole, at least one inch high, can help give you a more stylish and comfortable walk. Many alternatives are more fashionable and comfortable, and several factors can influence your decision. We have reviewed and compiled a list of the ideal flat shoes for 2022 to help you choose a pair that meets all your requirements.

Top picks

Best Overall: New Balance Shoes for Flat Feet

Women's sneaker for flat feet

Women’s sneaker for flat feet

New Balance For Flat Feet shoes are ideal in terms of functionality, fashion and comfort. They feature a sleek, comfortable bootie-style top that hugs your feet and provides a supportive and comfortable fit — and can also help complete your look or style. These everyday running shoes feature a “revlite” midsole with breathable cushioning for greater responsiveness. The ultra-lightweight fit and feel of the synthetic material help improve your comfort, whether you’re exploring the city, running errands or visiting your favorite hangout. An NB memory sole insert also provides a plush feel with every step, making them perfect for all-day wear. The product is the best overall on our list due to its incredible elegance and comfort, making it ideal for extended, everyday use.

Basic features:

More comfortable: Brooks women’s shoes for flat feet

Brooks adrenaline GTS 21 shoes for flat feet

Brooks adrenaline GTS 21 shoes for flat feet

These Brooks women’s shoes are comfortable to wear and provide firm support for mild to severe overpronation. The shoes have a sole with a supportive, firm feel that can make even longer runs more comfortable. The heel-to-toe drop and reinforced arch support help keep your lower legs and knees balanced. The thick cushioning of this product contributes to its enhanced stiffness, allowing you to continue to feel more comfortable as your pace increases. The DNA loft extends from the heel to the forefoot, resulting in a smoother stride. These shoes give you the perfect stability and comfort for cross-training, jogging, gym use and more.

Basic features:

More durable: Asics women’s running shoes with Gel-Contend

A women's gel shoes for flat feet

A women’s gel shoes for flat feet

These Asics flat shoes are suitable for everyday use due to their excellent fit, durable cushioning and sturdy construction. Their strong construction provides more protection underfoot with more flexibility in the arch and heel. This option also helps protect your forefoot with a thick layer of high-density EVA foam protection. You can use this product even on slippery ground or paths with sand and dirt. Gel technology cushioning also helps wick sweat away from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable. The rubber outsole adds more durability and better grip with a “booster” for added shock absorption. Flex grooves on the outsole also help to enhance the flexibility and comfort of this shoe.

Basic features:

  • Thick cushioning layer of high density EVA foam

  • Comfortable padded neck and tongue

  • Durable reinforcing foam midsole

Premium materials: Under Armor Shoes For Flat Feet

Under Armor Men's Flat Shoes

Under Armor Men’s Flat Shoes

Under Armor Shoes For Flat Feet combine molded EVA foam and premium DNA loft to give midsoles excellent cushioning, helping you have a more painless and happy walk. The removable sock liner of this option also provides additional support while enhancing your movement. Also, the upper of this option features a textile lining and innovative mesh, giving you almost unparalleled durability and comfort. The sturdy rubber sole also offers some substantial traction, allowing your feet the freedom of movement you need, and the shock-absorbing transition zone also provides great stability. This shoe has a wet traction control grip that provides enough support to run or ride your bike in the rain.

Basic features:

More versatile: Adidas shoes for flat feet

Adidas lite racer flat shoes for men

Adidas lite racer flat shoes for men

These Adidas men’s running shoes are ideal for everyday use due to their excellent fit, long-lasting cushioning and sturdy construction. The upper is made of high quality synthetic mesh fabric that gives you a flexible and dynamic fit. You can easily use them on a rowing machine, on a stationary bike or for a short run on a treadmill. With this excellent design, you enjoy excellent shock absorption and improved energy efficiency with every step. A sock-like fit with a cushioned midsole keeps your feet comfortable all day. This option also allows for easy replacement of the insole as well as the other feet for a more customized fit. This can really benefit people who have foot problems and need some extra support.

Basic features:

How to Find Your Next Pair of Flat Shoes: A Buyer’s Guide

Today, there is a dizzying array of shoes designed for flat feet. The ideal pair of shoes will help improve your comfort, safety, mobility and appearance. Choosing shoes with attractive style and great support can be both exciting and challenging, and finding stylish and comfortable shoes for flat feet requires careful thought. With so many brands, designs and features to choose from, choosing the right footwear for your needs can be frustrating. So, before buying some shoes for flat feet, you should consider a few factors.

Choosing the right shoes for flat feet

1. Supportive soles

The perfect shoes will help you avoid painful foot injuries, including plantar fasciitis. It is essential to consider the support of the soles before buying shoes for flat feet. Make sure the bottoms of your feet don’t hit the pavement when you run or walk.

2. Stability

There are many neutral or solid shoe styles available. People with flat feet can benefit from shoes with better stability. When you walk or run, the ability of your arches to absorb shock is affected if you have low arches. A more stable shoe uses durable arch supports to prevent excessive pronation and encourage better ankle alignment.

3. Traffic control

Motion control is another thing to keep in mind when buying shoes for flat feet. The main function of motion control shoes is to keep your ankles in a straight position while you walk. Shoes that feature dual-density foam are great for flat feet and can help keep them more comfortable. They are also great for people who run a lot and have flat feet. People who have severe pronation can find motion control shoes a huge source of comfort.

Different types of shoes for flat feet

  • City shoes: Dress shoes are a great choice for people with flat feet. Footwear with a sturdy heel can greatly reduce a day’s discomfort on your feet. Also, choosing shoes with leather uppers will help maintain support for a long time. If you need extra support, you can also use orthotics designed for flat feet. This is where removable insoles come in very handy, they allow you to easily replace them with orthotics without sacrificing interior space.

  • Sports shoes: The sneakers are breathable and lightweight, making them useful for flat feet. People who have flat feet are more likely to turn their ankles inward. This can lead to injury, but it puts extra stress on the knees, ankles and feet. Sneakers also help keep your ankles straight and provide just the right amount of padding for more comfort. The insoles of these versions are also removable and you can easily replace them with custom orthotic insoles.

  • Sandals: If you have flat feet, you can wear sandals with extra support in the back. There are also sandals with proper heel support as well as removable soles. You should keep in mind that sandals, by design, lack the characteristics of closed shoes and offer less support. You should remember to choose a product that provides you with great support and comfort.

People also asked

Q: Are arch supports beneficial for my flat feet?

A: Over-the-counter arch supports can help relieve pain caused by flat feet. Designs that fit well and help support the curves of your foot are extremely beneficial. Shoe inserts cannot cure flat feet, but they can help reduce the symptoms of the disorder.

Q: What types of shoes are not good for my flat feet?

A: Most people who have flat feet require shoes with a wide fit. Shoes with a narrow or pointed toe should generally be avoided. The front of the shoe should be raised enough to avoid pinching your toes. Wide shoes allow your toes to spread more and stay comfortable.

Q: Can these types of shoes help my flat feet?

A: Shoes with supportive soles are the best choice for people with flat feet. You should choose a flexible sole, not a loose or floppy one. It should support your foot while standing or walking. Soles that are sturdy and protected are ideal for supporting the feet.

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