Real housewives get into a fierce battle for vaccines in “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip”

Real housewives get into a fierce battle for vaccines in “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip”



After a lukewarm start to the season, which included some breathtaking casting options, memorable calves and lots of party games, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (this time with subtitles Ex-spouses club) returns with a tougher case, a more dynamic cast than all the stars and an iconic, historic setting at Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor – “You Don’t Touch Morgan Letters!” – which makes for an exciting, sometimes annoying, but extremely fun excursion from the main Real housewives offers right now on Bravo.

Even before the inauguration period The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip landed at Peacock last fall, news that Medley’s Real Housewives of New York reputation and ex Real Housewives of Orange County Starring Vicki Gunvalson had a heated debate over COVID-19 vaccines as season 2 shootings had already overshadowed any rumored beef between Kenya Moore and Ramona Singer on a yacht in Turks and Caicos.

On June 23, Bravo fans can finally watch the two reality TV legends play drunken proxies in our current cultural war, with Medley taking the side of science and Gunvalson launching unfounded nonsense he either read on Facebook from the mask of her skeptical ex. fiance. As annoying as these conversations are in real life, it is fascinating and laxative to see Medley, a master of the puzzling, drunken novel, challenging Gunvalson’s theories against Vax with the strongest conviction as their co-stars watch them with their mouth. with open mouth.

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Even before we get into this controversy, you realize early on that the show is, intentionally or unintentionally, a vehicle for boosting Medley’s acceptance among Bravo fans after a tough exit from its franchise after the 12th season, where her hostility towards her stars throw a dark cloud over a mostly entertaining, frivolous show.

As the hostess with the most, Medley is unquestionably Ex-spouses clubHer protagonist and makes sure to differentiate herself from the other members of her cast by announcing that she “put on a break” instead of being fired by Bravo. If viewers needed more convincing that it belonged RHONYrecently announced Legacy spin-off-may have already been selected-Ex-spouses club is a top showcase of Medley aspects that we initially fell in love with, from its motherly warmth to its temperament from 0 to 100 to the eccentric decoration of its home.

And yet, there are many other contributions from the remaining stars of the series to make us laugh, shudder and shudder. In addition to Medley and Gunvalson, the other ex-spouses include Phaedra Parks and Eva Marcille from Real Housewives of Atlanta; Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong from Beverly Hills; Tamra Judge by Orange County; and Jill Zarin from New York, whose particular arrival at the Berkshires estate is a beautiful, self-referential tribute that went terribly wrong (or perhaps just right).

Parks confessors provide about 70 percent of the series’s laughter. I will not spoil any of her colorful, shady remarks except to tell you that, at some point, she utters the phrase “Strawberry Shortcake revival” and it has not left my mind ever since. The utter bitterness radiated by Gunvalson and Judge for their termination by Orange County two years ago is also funny and exciting to observe. Judge, one of the most cunning and shamelessly calculated The housewives in the series’ history, it is clearly an audition for a role back in its franchise, which could honestly use its familiarity and shocking trends. Meanwhile, Gunvalson, which does not have the means to keep its right-wing conspiracies to itself, is failing at every opportunity to redeem itself. (Although, if you enjoy it for the ever-frantic cartoon character it is, you will enjoy it on this show.)

The same goes for Glanville, whose brutality continues Beverly Hills is constantly praised on Twitter. Likewise, she manages to indifferently infuriate her co-stars in this series – even some personal service. However, her interactions with Armstrong, and in particular the ignorance she shows about the abusive relationship of her former co-star with the late Russell Armstrong, damage her presence. Obviously, some Bravo fans will not enjoy watching someone question the legitimacy of a woman’s abuse allegations and focus on their trauma. In addition, flashbacks reveal how Armstrong’s allegations against her husband were mishandled Beverly Hills it is particularly creepy to relive our current cultural moment.

The season is mostly light, but women are all hurt in one way or another, either by Bravo or by each other. It adds a rich layer to a show that could only be described as a work of vanity for Bravo. Not only does the context of unemployment (at least from the network) make this concentration feel more purposeful and adds a nostalgic quality, but it also introduces bets that did not exist in its first season. Ultimate Girls Trip.

Participating in the opening season was primarily a distinction and did not require much of the women, other than bringing back their greatest hits in front of the camera. But being invited to Ex-spouses club it is also a reminder of failure and a second chance, adding a competitive advantage and an air of despair – crucial to a successful Real housewives series – on the show. This formula ultimately works in more satisfactory ways and it would be smart for Peacock to emulate him in Season 3.

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