Lolo Jones, 39, tearfully explains why she decided to start IVF

Lolo Jones, 39, tearfully explains why she decided to start IVF

Lolo Jones, 39, tearfully explains why she decided to start IVF

Lolo Jones is preparing her body for IVF.

The 39-year-old Olympic hurdler and bobsledder took to Instagram on Wednesday to share that she is starting the egg retrieval process in hopes of having a child through IVF.

In a video she posted of the process, she tearfully explained how she wants “a family,” but has spent years waiting for a husband to begin that journey. Now turning 40 on Aug. 5, Jones said she’s taking matters into her own hands and beginning the first steps of the IVF process, which involves freezing her eggs. This includes giving herself regular hormone injections and going to doctor’s appointments to make sure she can move forward.

“Terrified. 15 days until I turn 40,” she wrote in her Instagram caption. “Nothing scared me more than feeling like I was running out of time to have a family. I originally wanted to freeze my eggs when I was 30. I just thought I would meet my husband and everything would work out. So here I am almost 10 years later and it hasn’t happened.”

To quell her “anxiety” about having children, she began the process with Frame Fertility. The Celebrity Big Brother The contestant learned that she had “a large supply of eggs” and that she can now begin the egg freezing process.

“I want to encourage women to get it checked out earlier. Not all women are the same. You can be 35 and have the egg count of someone who is 25, or you can be 25 and already losing your egg rate,” she continued. “If you know you want to start a family but you can’t do it now, maybe for career reasons or you don’t have a husband, look into freezing your eggs.”

Jones received plenty of praise for her honesty in the comments section. One follower wrote: “You are not alone! I am in the same process at 39. Many blessings to you and your journey. Thanks for sharing.” Another added: “So proud of you Lolo. You speak for SO many women. Thank you for being vulnerable and not being silent about it. We all love you so much and are praying with you. It takes so much strength to be transparent about this.” .

Jones isn’t the only star to open up about the decision to freeze her eggs. Mary Fitzgerald of Sunset for sale recently shared that she and her husband were beginning the process of having children.

“Women, ladies, freeze your eggs when you’re young,” Fitzgerald shared in a June Instagram post. “Unfortunately, that’s part of being over 40. It’s unfortunate, but if this is a lesson to any of you out there who are focused on your career or haven’t met the right guy yet, freeze your eggs.”

In April, Sienna Miller — who is mom to 9-year-old daughter Marlowe — said ELLE she decided to freeze her eggs so she could plan a possible next child.

“Having really focused on the need to have another baby, I’m just like, if it happens, it happens. That kind of existential threat is gone,” she said of the procedure.

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