Lennar begins to reduce prices in the cooling of the US housing market

Lennar begins to reduce prices in the cooling of the US housing market

(Bloomberg) – Lennar Corp. has begun lowering prices and offering incentives to buyers in some parts of the US to boost sales in a refrigerated housing market.

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The rapid rise in mortgage rates and financial turmoil have reduced new orders and buyer traffic in June and increased cancellations, the manufacturer said in an interview with analysts on Tuesday.

Lennar currently adheres to its previous forecast of deliveries of approximately 68,000 homes throughout the financial year. The catch is that, with demand now beginning to wane after the pandemic blooms, “current leadership efforts are tantamount to ‘divination’ rather than ‘guidance’,” CEO Stuart Miller said in a statement to the company. He warned of a slowdown already under way, calling it a “difficult time in the market”.

Shares of the Miami-based construction company rose after exceeding orders for orders and profit margins in the quarter to May – a time when buyers were still in a hurry to close deals. However, “the weight of a rapidly doubling of interest rates over a six-month period, coupled with accelerating price increases, has begun to push buyers in many markets to stop and reconsider,” Miller said in a statement. “We started to see these results after the end of the quarter.”

Seven areas had a significant slowdown this month, Lennar said. It was: Raleigh, North Carolina. Minnesota? Austin, Texas? Los Angeles, Central Valley and Sacramento, California. and Seattle. The company increased incentives, such as “redemptions” of mortgage rates and reduced prices in some subdivisions to stimulate demand.

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Lennar said buying contracts for the quarter to May were up 4% year-on-year at 17,792, beating analysts’ estimates. The gross margin on home sales jumped to 29.5% from 26.1% in the previous financial second quarter. Shares rose 2.4% to $ 66.15 at 2:43 p.m. New York time. The S&P 500 index rose 2.6%.

Stormy seas

Housing builders are facing a storm ahead of mortgage rates that have skyrocketed in more than 50 years of record keeping, according to Freddie Mac. The US Federal Reserve, in its efforts to reduce rampant inflation, has managed to cool the overheated housing market, and Lennar says it is in a good position to maintain sales in many areas.

Lennar quarterly results were “impressive and underscored the company’s performance and production, which could support equity gains in a declining market,” said Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Drew Reading.

However, while stocks may rise initially, “investors may be reluctant to take positive short-term gains, given the recognition of a slowdown in demand and a less favorable pricing environment that is likely to see an increase in incentives that could also push the large profit margins “. Reading said.

Supply chain

One thing that can help manufacturers is that the challenges in obtaining materials seem to be easing. For Lennar, the time it took to build a home in the quarter increased “only slightly in succession,” said Jon Jaffe, co-CEO, a sign that supply chain issues that have plagued the industry have begun to subside.

Lennar and other manufacturers will have to manage the impact of rising interest rates on demand, and this may include the need to lower prices to entice buyers.

“The Fed’s stated determination to curb inflation through interest rate hikes and quantitative easing has begun to have the desired effect of slowing sales in some markets and stagnating price increases across the country,” Miller said. “While we believe that there is still a significant shortage of housing, and especially labor, housing in the United States, the relationship between price and interest rates is rebalancing.”

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