JaMychal Green was influenced by Steve Kerr of the Warriors to change his plans

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Phone calls from Steph Curry and Draymond Green sealed the deal for free agent Donte DiVincenzo to become a Warrior in early July. As for JaMychal Green, Golden State’s latest addition to be officially signed to a veteran’s minimum contract on Monday, coach Steve Kerr has taken the lead in the calling duties.

Green was at the pool at a resort in Jamaica enjoying the off-season when his phone rang. Although he was in full chill mode, the veteran forward knew there was still work to do and kept his phone with him at all times and with the ringer on all the way. Green didn’t know the number, answered anyway, and is sure glad he did.

So are the Warriors. Kerr was on the other end of the call.

After reaching his room and drying off, the two hit it off immediately. Green was traded from the Denver Nuggets to the Oklahoma City Thunder on the night of this year’s NBA draft. This made him an immediate acquisition candidate for contenders.

Once Green and Kerr struck up a conversation, his future changed forever.

“After I talked to him, I just couldn’t say no,” Green said Monday during his introductory press conference as a Warrior. “With the organization and what they’ve built on it, I felt like I’d love to be a part of it.”

Before that speech, Green had plans to join a different team besides the Warriors. This unknown team now has a new reason to hate the reigning champions.

Kerr made it clear to Green how much the entire organization wanted him to be a Warrior. He was really looked at before this season. They have long coveted his skill set and are more than familiar with him.

Green’s entire eight-year career was in the Western Conference. He has played with the Warriors 23 times in the regular season and 15 times in the playoffs, including last season in the first round. If there’s one Warriors player who’s already familiar with him, look no further than his last name.

JaMychal and Draymond Green have known each other since eighth grade, playing against each other on the AAU circuit. They bonded more as seniors in high school with their profiles rising as recruits and have stayed in touch throughout their professional careers. Both Greens spoke on the phone after that initial call from Kerr, but that one was less to the point.

“It really wasn’t any sales pitch,” Green said. “I feel like coming off of the relationship that we built when we were younger, it’s about respecting each other. We kind of know where we stand. He was just excited. We both know what we bring to the table and we just had a good conversation about it.

“It made it easy for me to come here.”

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With 49 playoff games to his name, 12 of which were losses to the Warriors, Green dreams of winning a ring. When the Warriors made him feel wanted and needed for another championship run, Green was all the way.

This kind of love is impossible to ignore.

“I smiled a lot, I thought about it a lot and I’m glad to be here,” he said.

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