How to watch the 100th Running of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

How to watch the 100th Running of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb



  • The 100th run of the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb starts on Sunday, June 26, at 9:30 a.m. ET (7:30 a.m. mountain time).

  • Tickets are sold out, but fans will be able to watch the action for free from the Mobil 1 Facebook page.

  • More than 70 entrants will take part, including six guides sharing multiple King of the Mountain titles for the fastest ensemble. Among them are five-time winner Rod Millen, his son and two-time King Rhys Millen and current Time Attack 1 Division record holder and three-time King David Donner.

Entering the final week of training with qualifiers starting on Tuesday 21 June, the 100th Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) route is almost here. The green flag falls for the legendary race at Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs, Colorado, at 7:30 p.m. mountain time (9:30 am east) on Sunday 26 June. Spectator tickets are completely sold out, but do not let that stop you from watching the wildest motorsports event in the United States.

See how you can watch it for free. Pikes Peak Live, presented by Mobil 1, will host live videos from their official Facebook page. We will incorporate this video here on race day. If you can not watch but want to hear the action, the live flag-to-flag coverage of the Colorado Springs news station, KRDO, will be displayed on their website and on the FM radio channel. For those who tweet, the PPIHC Twitter will continue to post updates and behind-the-scenes coverage throughout the week.

This year’s roster includes more than 70 entries, with guides from some of the most exciting motorsport cycles. Rod Millen, who turned 71 this year, returns with the legendary Toyota Tacoma pickup of 1998, in which he achieved two of the four consecutive victories of King of the Mountain. This time, the road to the mountain is completely paved, but on dirt, Millen’s fastest route to Tacoma was 10: 07.70 in 1998.

Rhys Millen, Rod’s son, almost beat Romain Dumas last year for an overall victory. Rhys returns for an attempt at his third King of the Mountain title in a 2016 Porsche GT3R built by E-Motion Engineering.

Photo: Glen Cordle / 000

Photo: Glen Cordle / 000

Three-time King of the Mountain David Donner returns for his 26th attempt at Pikes Peak in a 2022 Porsche 911 Turbo S 000 production car. Donner currently holds the record for the fastest time in the Time Attack class with a time of 9: 36.559, but this year he returned to regain the 10: 18.488 production car record set by Rhys Millen 2019.

Acura will make its 2023 Integra racing debut with two 2022 NSX Type Ss and a 2021 TLX Type S sedan. first and only woman to compete in the Mexican Rally La Carrera Panamericana three times.

The race to Pikes Peak is a 12.42 mile race, where one car climbs the paved 156-lap scenic road each time and finishes at the top at 14,115 feet above sea level. Six car parts are competing, ranging from production cars to open-wheel aerodynamics.

Every year brings faster and stronger competition. This is how records are made and later broken. The fastest time so far, the impressive 07: 57.148, was set by Romain Dumas in 2018 with the Volkswagen electric ID. R, and there is plenty of horsepower (and vertical force) in Colorado this year to beat it.

Everyone’s opportunity depends on the successful completion of this week ‘s training and the qualification that leads to an exciting race on Sunday. Until then, we strongly recommend that you watch it last year PPIHC from Mobil 1 YouTube channel.

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