Hearing aids that have been cleared by the Bose FDA have a $ 250 discount

Hearing aids that have been cleared by the Bose FDA have a $ 250 discount

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Bose headphones in open case

Listen better, without having to make a trip to your doctor. (Photo: Bose)

Bose is known for its top sound quality. So when the brand was licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last year for the Bose SoundControl hearing aids it consumes directly, it was a big deal. Now you can get these top hearing aids for yourself – at a good discount – thanks to a short QVC discount.

Right now, the Bose SoundControl hearing aids cost $ 599 – $ 250 off! Don’t have $ 599 right now? No problem: QVC lets you make five interest free $ 120 payments.

Additionally, if you are a first time QVC buyer, you can get an extra $ 15 discount on your code purchase special offer.

$ 599 $ 849 in the QVC

The Bose SoundControl hearing aids are the first FDA-approved hearing aids directly developed for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. These hearing aids are best if you are pushing for conversations when other people are not, especially in noisy places or you have trouble listening to your TV. If you have more severe hearing loss, however, it is a good idea to see your doctor.

Bose SoundControl hearing aids use the help of the Bose Hear app to allow you to place, program and control your SoundControl headset without having to visit your doctor, have a hearing test or undergo a prescription procedure. You can even adjust the settings yourself.

Basically, they make it much, much easier and faster to get a pair of top quality hearing aids as soon as possible. Installation is quite fast – you will hear better in less than an hour!

These headphones are small but powerful.  (Photo: QVC)

These headphones are small but powerful. (Photo: QVC)

These hearing aids have a number of features that help you hear better. World Volume can be increased to amplify quiet sounds as much as possible, treble / bass can adjust the tone to focus on specific voice frequencies, Focus lets you reset conversations in busy areas, and the Everywhere setting allows you to you hear almost everything around you. There are even niche presets for things like restaurants, dinner at home with your family or watching TV.

This kit comes with hearing aids, three sizes of open headphones and three sizes of closed headphones, eight batteries, a cleaning brush and a carrying case.

These hearing aids – which sell fast – have a lot of happy customers. “I was a little skeptical of ordering them without the involvement of my hearing care professional, but having become familiar with Bose quality, I thought I could give a spin on the price. These are absolutely amazing!” said a happy customer. “So very easy to set up and extremely comfortable to use. Personalizing with these units is almost endless. I wear them for about fifteen hours a day and rarely notice that they are even in my ears.”

A fan friend shared this sweet story: “I bought them for my 54-year-old husband, who over the years gradually lost part of his hearing. He could no longer hear the loud sounds of birds singing or when our grandchildren were talking to him. The back seat of his truck. He had no idea I bought them for him, so as soon as he opened them last night he was very skeptical at least. He put them in, went out and started crying. “I said he was always here. Thank you QVC and Bose. It changes lives.”

This sale is for a limited time. Get your own pair of Bose SoundControl headphones at a $ 250 discount as long as you can!

$ 599 $ 849 in the QVC

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