“Hay una debocada concentration poder”

Martín Soria, Minister of Justice and Human Rights – Credits: @Captura

The Minister of Justice, Martin Soriaembistió con dureza contra la Corte Suprema Your President, Horace Rosatito avoid a “power concentration debugging” from which to assume, hase the meses, the titularity of Consejo de la Magistratura the quintessential devotion, soria Soria, in an organ «corporate and unbalanced» in its composition.

The minister competed with Cámara de Diputados to insist on the sanction of a new member of the Council of Magistrates. The visit was a success, as some of Corte recovered all the resources that Vice President Cristina Kirchner had presented to curb the advance of the Vialidad cause, the only one but the one who introduced oral judgment.

In his exposition, Soria asked the “paralysis” that what is being summed -segú advirtió- the organism encamped to select and sanction the magistrates from which Corte Suprema asumió as presidency.

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“Passaron 50 days since Corte met the vent in the Consejo as it is now hot to return to session. A conn los consejeros debaten how it works. It’s paralysis, it’s not free, it’s not inaccurate, ”said Soria, who suggests that habría motivational policies detrás this situation. «This is the beginning of the concentration of the needle to paralyze the organism. “Corte Suprema did not intervene when it came to the media, where legal causes became scandalous in different places,” he said.

The Syrian Minister reiterates his critiques of the 16 December decree passed by the maximum tribunal declaring unconstitutional the Consejo de Magistratura that was launched in 2006 by Cristina Kirchner; some rate of reduction of 20 to 13 lbs that integrate the organism from 1998 and eliminate the repression of the tribunal maxim in the body encapsulated to select and sanction the magistrates.

Horacio Rosatti, President of the Supreme Court and the Council of Magistrates

Horacio Rosatti, President of the Supreme Court and the Council of Magistrates

Horacio Rosatti, President of the Supreme Court and the Council of Magistrates

“More than a legal fallacy it is a political fallacy, instrumentalized by the appearance of a judicial fallacy,” said Soria, who advocated more than one that restored the 1997 norm, derogated from Congress, “La Corte engraved precedent that assassination directly against the division of forces ».

The Minister competed in the plenary session of the commissions of Justice and the Constitutional Court to Defender the project that your media sanctioned the Senate in April following the instances of officialization. Without embargo, the initiative will not prosper in Cámara baja ante el rechazo de Juntos por el Cambio and its repairs Graciela Camañodiputada del interbloque Federal y miembro del Consejo.

Camaño insists that Corte should be repressed in the Consejo de magistratura aunque aun juicio, no debía presidir el organism. “I do not believe that Corte has or does not have to play an important role because it has the best observation regarding the administration and the regulators”, said the legislator, who, además, critic for the recognition of the media. “It is unconstitutional and it’s very mal editable,” the sentence.

Soria buscó tender points with Camaño, awaiting that your vote and its interblock are crucial at the time of the mayoralty in Cámara baja. “One thing is for sure [el máximo tribunal] lo integre y otra que lo presida. In this project there is no impediment to the conclusion of the integral parts of the Council. Here is the line of the project that presents the antecedent goblin in 2017. But what is crea is that it is incompatible that concentrates all the attributions. This is what inspired the constituent constituencies in 1994 to edit the article of the creation of the Consejo ”, consisted.

Por su parte, el diputado Pablo Tonellide Juntos por el Cambio, ratify or collect his bill from the media sanction of the Senate and insist that Corte Suprema should not be repressed in the Consejo de la Magistrato sino, además, debería presidirla.

“I do not doubt that Corte Suprema is one of the instances that deberia is present in the Consejo. At the same time, it works with its new composition, which has always benefited from the presidency of the body through part of the title of Corte Suprema. Lastly, it will work and function with the necessary adaptations and new integration, for efficient operation ”, consistent.

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