Hailey Bieber sues for trademark infringement through Rhode skincare line

Hailey Bieber sues for trademark infringement through Rhode skincare line

Hailey Bieber goes down legally Rhodes.

According to court documents obtained by E! News On June 22, the 25-year-old sued for trademark infringement over her new skin care line, Rhode, (also her middle name), which she also shares the same name with a fashion company founded in 2013.

In the complaint filed in New York, the founders of the fashion company, Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers—Who state that their name is worn by stars, including Beyonce, Tracee Ellis Ross and Lupita Nyongo“You say there is no doubt that Mrs Bieber and her companies are aware of Rhode’s superior rights.”

“Actually, [Ms. Bieber] “Previously, they tried to obtain the RHODE mark, considering that the brands could not coexist without confusion,” the document notes. “Given the sacrifices they made to build the brand, Khatau and Vickers refused. The RHODE brand is their most important advantage. But Ms. Bieber, who could certainly build on her reputation for success with a range of beauty brands, obviously does not care that two other women entrepreneurs have been using the RHODE brand for years.

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In their complaint, the duo also stated that Bieber “judged” the promotion of its brand to “45 million followers on Instagram, 9.2 million followers on TikTok and 1.7 million followers on YouTube”, something that will “quickly flood Rhode’s presence in the market, confusing them in the market and ultimately destroying the goodwill and reputation of the RHODE brand. “

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In addition to the deposition, the company’s co-founders shared a statement on social media of their name on June 21. “Nine years ago, we quit our jobs and started Rhode from our apartment, creating a fashion company out of nothing,” they said on Instagram. “We are two business women who met in college, created the RHODE brand and put years of hard work into our minority company.”

They continued, “Today, we had to file a lawsuit against Hailey Bieber and her new skin care line that was released last week and uses the ‘rhode’ brand.” “We did not want to sue, but we had to protect our business.”

Noting that they “admire” the model and “want to celebrate it”, the statement continued, “We only have the” RHODE “brand we have made, so we did not sell our brand to her when she asked for it four years ago and why “We are now asking her to change the brand of the skin care line. Using our brand is hurting our company, our employees, our customers and our partners.”

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Adding that “they are confident in the outcome of the lawsuit,” they concluded, “We hope Hailey now understands the evil that we are sure she never wanted to cause and change the brand of her skincare line. Thank you. all for appreciating our vision and supporting us “.

On the day of Bieber’s skin care release, the model got married Justin Bieber, talked about her personal relationship with the brand name. “The name came from, you know, it’s obviously my middle name – it’s also my mom’s middle name,” she said in an interview on June 15 at Good morning America. “Well, I wanted to have that connection to family background. I learned so much about skin care from my mom.”

On the same day, she also celebrated the launch of her line with an Instagram post, detailing the brand’s products. “We are a series of elaborate skincare products made with thoughtful intent,” wrote the June 15 Instagram post, both from Bieber and from her brand page. “We spent years working on our formulas with our team of dermatologists and chemists to make sure every rhode product restores, protects and nourishes your skin.”

MI! News contacted Bieber’s representatives for comment and received no response.

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