Get rid of back pain with this simple seat

Get rid of back pain with this simple seat

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Black upholstered, ventilated portable seat cushion

Sit smart and bring joy to your back. (Photo: QVC)

Whether you are still working from home or have returned to the office, your back may feel sore from less than ergonomic seating. Fortunately, relief is available for under $ 40. This simple orthopedic solution can help reduce discomfort almost anywhere – even in the car!

Right now, QVC is offering Backjoy’s Portable SitSmart Core Traction portable seat for just $ 40 (from $ 48). Don’t want to pay for everything in one go? Prefer three installments of Easy Pay for only $ 13.32. Additionally, if you are a first time QVC buyer, you can get an extra $ 15 discount on your code purchase special offer.

The upholstered portable perch encourages proper posture (say 10 times faster) by lifting your seat away from the seat to prevent back and shoulder fatigue (AKA tilt). Simple repositioning helps to tilt the pelvis and bring the spine into a neutral, natural alignment. In addition, this lift allows blood to circulate through the bottom and back of your legs.

$ 40 $ 48 in the QVC

Woman sitting at the desk while using this standing seat and sitting upright

Say “goodbye” to back pain. (Photo: QVC)

This new model has a few upgrades to benefit an even wider range of users, including a larger, upholstered seat with ventilation and handle. In addition, there are non-slip mats at the bottom to make users feel extra safe in their seat. The handle makes it easy to carry with you from the car to the office chair (or even on a plane, train or bus to facilitate long distance travel on the back and body). Plus, one size fits all! Watch this video to see it in action.

Get it from these happy customers:

“I’m suffering from severe back pain. I also have to sit for several hours at work. I was hoping for some relief from the pain while using it. To my surprise, I received more than a little relief. I felt the difference right from the start. I will order one for the car. “

“I travel a lot. So, I tend to crouch a lot when I drive because I like to feel comfortable during those many hours. Eight to twelve hours a day in my driver’s seat make me really bad, especially at 62. I use it mainly in my SUV … It definitely helps me to sit upright effortlessly and provides a relieving support in the process … Placing your buttocks in this seat IS KEY to have the desired effect.It really is not that difficult You do it.You immediately notice a difference and it is effortless.I highly recommend it … Durable, comfortable, supportive, soft.Well made for my money.A good purchase for your health.Get it before bad posture and “You can do nothing about it. You love an ergonomically made product. And that’s for sure. Buy it. You’ll be glad you did.”

Do yourself a favor and make this simple change in the arrangement of your seats and feel immediate relief in your back and body.

$ 40 $ 48 in the QVC

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