Freddie Freeman leads to five, Tony Gonsolin improves to 9-0 as the Dodgers beat the Reds

The Dodgers’ Freddie Freeman comes in third in a three-pointer against the Reds in Cincinnati on Tuesday. The Dodgers won 8-2. (Aaron Doster / Associated Press)

After leading up to a surge in the first two months of the season, the Dodgers embarked on a nine-race road trip this week stuck in a backlash, ostensibly paddling upstream amid a three-week recession.

They were under a rash of injuries to their squad and staff.

They were bored by the untimely beating and the inconsistent throwing, especially by the bathrobe.

They had seen their first pillow in the National League West flushed after the San Diego Padres came in a virtual tie to take the lead on Monday.

And while they remained safe in the playoffs, their recent slide of 7-11 had begun to look like more than just a hit.

“We have shown that we can beat anyone and we can lose to some other teams,” said coach Dave Roberts. “So we have to play good baseball.”

On Tuesday night, his team committed, taking a collective breath with the 8-2 victory over the Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ball Park.

“It was nice to get out and have a good start on the road trip,” said first-teamer Freddie Freeman, who led with three hits, one walk and five RBIs.

“We executed our game plan and we fought,” resounded shortstop Trea Turner, who extended his strike streak to 13 games with a four-to-five odds. “It was just the whole package tonight.”

Indeed, Tuesday was a reversal of some of the Dodgers’ recent worrying trends.

They took advantage of several opportunities with runners in scoring position, going three to eight in such situations.

Freeman had the two biggest hits: a double-two in the third inning that denied a one-round deficit, and a three-point three-pointer in the eighth, making him the third player on the team to close at 40 RBI.

“We haven’t shaken the bats very well in a few weeks,” Freeman said. “It’s not just a case in point. It generally strikes. This is a tough game. “If you put too much emphasis on one thing, you will just chase it all the time.”

Dodgers' Tony Gonsolin throws during a game against the Cincinnati Reds.

The Dodgers’ Tony Gonsolin throws during a game against the Cincinnati Reds in Cincinnati on Tuesday. (Aaron Doster / Associated Press)

While the Dodgers also managed a solo home from Will Smith and recorded 17 hits, second most in a game this season, their ability to do two extra sacrificial fly runs was also crucial.

Roberts said his favorite turn of the game came in the fourth, when Justin Turner took a double lead, moving into third place with a sacrificial bun from Eddie Alvarez and scoring a ball from Gavin Lux.

“We will relax,” Roberts said. “But these things win a lot of baseball games there.”

Pitching made sure not to get lost.

Tony Gonsolin made another steady effort, regaining the record for the most major league titles (9-0) and average series wins (1.58) in a five-game, two-series start. The Dodgers bullpen combined for four innings without a score.

Now, the challenge will be for the Dodgers (41-25) to build momentum – something they have struggled to do, having not won more than two consecutive games since the end of May.

They have tough opponents on the horizon, starting with right-handers Luis Castillo and Hunter Green in the next two games against the Reds (23-44), and then a three-game trip to Atlanta to face the Braves in a row. weekend.

They are still trying to make up for the absence of the right field Mookie Betts, too.

But at the beginning of a difficult three-day swing in nine cities, they closed at least a few holes and started rowing again in the right direction.

“Every night will not be perfect,” said Trea Turner. “But tonight was a good, good start to this road trip.”

Ferguson returns to IL

The Dodgers put the relief Caleb Ferguson on the list of injured with tendonitis of the left forearm. The traffic was retroactive for last Friday.

Although Ferguson had not left the streak in six appearances this season on his return from Tommy John’s surgery, he said he had been battling the pain for the past two weeks.

Roberts said the pain would force the team to be diligent with Ferguson’s workload. With the start of 20 consecutive games and the need to cut staff by one to meet the new MLB 13-seat maximum that took effect this week, the club decided it would be best to place Ferguson in IL. .

“Caleb is obviously a big competitor and he is not very excited to be back in IL, given all that he had to go through to get back,” Roberts said. “But his return to the game, I do not see it being too big.”

This story first appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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