F1 LIVE News: Ferrari’s plan to review Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s hope for George Russell

F1 LIVE News: Ferrari’s plan to review Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s hope for George Russell

F1 Canadian Grand Prix 2022 – Back in the backyard of the Gilles

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is next in the F1 calendar, with Max Ferstappen gaining confidence after beating Carlos Sains to win the Canadian Grand Prix and further expand his lead in the league. With Formula 1 returning to Montreal for the first time in three years, it was Verstappen’s Red Bull who took the checkered flag to move 46 points away at the top of the standings. Sainz was fast in the final stages after a period behind the safety car, but could not find a way to get past Verstappen and had to come to terms with second place, the pair were joined on the podium by Lewis Hamilton – the seven-time world champion who took third place for Mercedes. .

“The safety car did not help,” Verstappen said. “Overall, Ferrari was very fast in the race. It was really exciting in the end. I gave him everything I had, and I saw that Carlos did the same. The last laps were a lot of fun. Fortunately, this year we are fast in the straights and that helps a lot “. Hamilton’s team-mate George Russell continued his all-time record of five goals throughout the season as he finished fourth ahead of Charles Leclerc, who recovered from 19th place to claim a decent amount of points for Ferrari. The Alps were sixth and seventh, Esteban Ocon finished ahead of Fernando Alonso, while Valtteri Bottas, Guanyu Zhou and local favorite Lance Stroll completed the points.

Follow all the latest F1 news, the countdown for Silverstone and the reaction to an exciting Canadian Grand Prix:


Lewis Hamilton warns Mercedes of ‘too much experimentation’ ahead of British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton has stated that he hopes his team will avoid “too many experiments” in view of next month’s British Grand Prix, as the Mercedes driver wants to take advantage of the best possible finish of the season.

Seven-time Formula One champion Hamilton lost the title last year in the final round of the season to a controversial finish with eventual champion Max Ferstappen. While the Red Bull man leads the drivers’ standings with six wins from nine races so far in 2022, Hamilton is struggling.

The Briton has just two podiums, finishing third in the first season in Bahrain and at last weekend’s Canadian GP. Still, Hamilton wants to build on Sunday’s result as he prepares for the British GP, where he has more racing victories than any driver in F1 history.

Michael JonesJune 21, 2022 9:39 AM


Horner opposes the change of regulation in the middle of the season

George Russell, director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, has asked the FIA ​​to change the rules this season on the grounds that drivers can not withstand the physical strain of bloating and body pressure for long periods of time. He has been backed by his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton and other paddock drivers such as Pierre Gasly and Valtteri Bottas.

But not everyone shares his opinion. Red Bull’s Christian Horner sees this as nothing more than Mercedes trying to use the problem to achieve a rule change that will help it tackle its poor W13 performance.

“The problem with Mercedes is more serious than any other car,” Horner said. “It definitely depends on the team, it is up to them to deal with it.

“It does not affect others. I know they have said that other drivers have complained, our drivers have never complained about seals.

“Sure, we had no problem bouncing.”


Horner insists that bloating is not an issue with regulations but a conceptual issue for teams like Mercedes and therefore it is up to them to address it.

He believes that if the FIA ​​really feels that a car does not look safe, it could simply exclude it from racing.

“You can not suddenly change the technical regulations in the middle of the season,” added the Director of the Red Bull Team.

“If a car is dangerous, a team should not put it on the field. It has this option. “Or if the FIA ​​thinks an individual car is dangerous, it always has a black flag at its disposal.”

Both Ferrari and Red Bull are opposed to any significant changes during the season, as they could have a negative impact on their title chances.

Ferrari could be forced to increase their driving height and risk losing its performance when it needs to improve Red Bull’s racing pace to stay in the title race and a broader, universal rule change – which Mercedes is pushing for. – could see Red Bull having to make adjustments to a problem they are not facing – again at the expense of performance.

Michael JonesJune 21, 2022 9:32 AM


The FIA ​​order is “invisibly biased” in favor of Mercedes, says Horner

Red Bull Team Leader Christian Horner says the FIA ​​decision to allow teams to stay on the second floor is “utterly biased to solve a team’s problems” in an excavation of rival Mercedes.

The FIA ​​has issued a technical directive to address seal issues due to driver safety concerns, and one of the short-term measures introduced before the Canadian Grand Prix was to allow teams to incorporate side floors to limit bounce.

However, the FIA ​​technical directive was only released late last week, suggesting that no team would have time for a second stay in the Montreal car, but Mercedes experimented with them in the George Russell car in FP1 and the Lewis Hamilton car in FP2. the manufacture.

Mercedes was the only team trying to make a second stay in Canada, something that almost sparked protests from the other teams, so it is clear who Horner is referring to in his comments.

“What was particularly frustrating was the second stay because it has to be discussed in a technical forum,” Horner said.

“And this is openly biased in solving the problems of a team, which was the only team that appeared here with it even before TD [technical directive].

“Well, it worked.”

(Getty Images)

Michael JonesJune 21, 2022 9:18 AM


Carlos Sainz details Ferrari what needs to be done to renew Max Verstappen

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz has spotted a five or six tenths of a second delta from Max Verstappen to beat the F1 World Champion.

The Spaniard was chasing the Belgian-Dutch driver in the last 15 laps of the Canadian Grand Prix with a maiden victory in sight.

But despite the three DRS belts available at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, the Spaniard only twice went into range and had to come to terms with second place.

Sainz explained what it would take to stay with the Red Bull star and finally get over him

“Without DRS it is impossible because DRS still affects you a lot, especially in this part where you can not draw different lines,” he said. “It’s all chic that you have nowhere to put your front wing to avoid the tires turning and overheating.

“But, even so, I was happy and confident that I was in the dirty air and managed to stay, even with overheating, 16 laps in the DRS. Once the DRS opened, it was a matter of cooling the tires and retrieving the battery so we could really try to empty it when we caught it.

“As I said, I left it all out there. “But compared to a Red Bull, we were faster, I think throughout the race.”

Jack RathbornJune 21, 2022 9:04 AM


Lewis Hamilton hopes George Russell can undertake more Mercedes “experiments”

The seven-time world champion just won his second podium finish of the season at the Canadian Grand Prix last weekend, but was disappointed with his Mercedes W13 car during training.

Hamilton described Mercedes as “unguided” and insisted that its problems with the “seal” and the “bounce” “only got worse” the more the team was involved in setting up the W13.

Mercedes finally managed to put Hamilton in a position to finish third in Montreal, behind race winner Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz, and the 37-year-old hopes the team has learned its lessons before Silverstone.

Jack RathbornJune 21, 2022 8:59 AM

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