F1 LIVE News: Ferrari’s plan to review Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s hope for George Russell

F1 LIVE News: Ferrari’s plan to review Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s hope for George Russell

F1 Canadian Grand Prix 2022 – Back in the backyard of the Gilles

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is next in the F1 calendar, with Max Ferstappen gaining confidence after beating Carlos Sains to win the Canadian Grand Prix and further expand his lead in the league. With Formula 1 returning to Montreal for the first time in three years, it was Verstappen’s Red Bull who took the checkered flag to move 46 points away at the top of the standings. Sainz was fast in the final stages after a period behind the safety car, but could not find a way to get past Verstappen and had to come to terms with second place, the pair were joined on the podium by Lewis Hamilton – the seven-time world champion who took third place for Mercedes. .

“The safety car did not help,” Verstappen said. “Overall, Ferrari was very fast in the race. It was really exciting in the end. I gave him everything I had, and I saw that Carlos did the same. The last laps were a lot of fun. Fortunately, this year we are fast in the straights and that helps a lot “. Hamilton’s team-mate George Russell continued his all-time record of five goals throughout the season as he finished fourth ahead of Charles Leclerc, who recovered from 19th place to claim a decent amount of points for Ferrari. The Alps were sixth and seventh, Esteban Ocon finished ahead of Fernando Alonso, while Valtteri Bottas, Guanyu Zhou and local favorite Lance Stroll completed the points.

Follow all the latest F1 news, the countdown for Silverstone and the reaction to an exciting Canadian Grand Prix:


“Confused” Mercedes “imagines its chances” in the British Grand Prix, claims Martin Brundle

Mercedes has endured a difficult season so far with Hamilton and George Russell having already withdrawn from the battle for the championship, after suffering problems with the “seals” with their cars.

In view of the Canadian Grand Prix, a desperate Hamilton described his Mercedes as “so bad” after a terrible workout, while Toto Wolff had previously referred to the car as “s *** box”.

“The Mercedes team is so confusing for everyone right now, including themselves,” Brundle wrote in his Sky Sports column. “On Friday Lewis said the car could not be driven, which is exactly what it looked like, and he strongly said that now we were going to do the best of a bad job for the rest of the big season.”

Michael JonesJune 21, 2022 1:25 PM


Martin Brundle advises Carlos Sainz on how to overcome the “final hurdle” in F1

Sainz finished second after Max Verstappen in the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday, the fifth time the Spanish driver was second on the podium in his F1 career.

Sainz took advantage of a safety car in Montreal that allowed him to push hard on world champion Verstappen in the last 15 laps, but was unable to overtake him as the first victory of his F1 career slipped away.

Michael JonesJune 21, 2022 1:19 PM


Nico Rosberg advises George Russell on life as Lewis Hamilton teammate

Nico Rosberg says that the “apparent” form of George Russell will give extremely motivation to Lewis Hamilton because the seven-time world champion “hates” the defeat by a teammate.

Hamilton, 37, took his first podium in almost three months when he finished third in Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix – a place ahead of Russell in another Mercedes.

But Russell, in his first season next to Hamilton, is 34 points ahead of his most prominent teammate in the standings.

The result in Montreal on Sunday ended a series of eight races – including the Imola sprint lap – where Hamilton took the checkered flag behind his compatriot.

Michael JonesJune 21, 2022 1:13 PM


“It was a great fight for us,” says Ocon

Alpine’s Esteban Ocon was in an optimistic mood after the Canadian Grand Prix after finishing in the P6 – his seventh finish in the top-10 of the season.

The happy Frenchman said that his team should be “proud” of its performance in Montreal, believing that they maximized its performance.

“It was a great fight for us,” Ocon said Sunday. “Compared to yesterday, we managed to make the car work slightly better and that meant a lot because we maximized the possibilities today and finished sixth and seventh. [before the penalty to Fernando Alonso]with McLaren not scoring, is a big boost for us in the constructors league.

“We can be happy with that. Good start, I managed to get past the start and defend Charles [Leclerc] in the middle of the race, but he was very fast in the end.

“It’s nice to have such a weekend with some great grades we deserve. “They’ve spent a lot of weekends with outside agents, but yes, I feel good about it.”

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The rating of the manufacturers after the victory of Red Bull in the Grand Prix of Canada

Here’s the current builders’ standings after Red Bull won their sixth consecutive race at the Canadian Grand Prix.

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Ranking of drivers after Verstappen’s victory in the Canadian Grand Prix

Here’s the current drivers standings after Max Verstappen’s victory in the Canadian Grand Prix.

13) Daniel Ricciardo – 15

14) Sebastian Vettel – 13

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Wolff pleased with Mercedes’ progress in Canada

Toto Wolff is pleased with the progress Mercedes has made in Canada this weekend and believes Lewis Hamitlon and George Russell could be competitive enough to claim victory at Silverstone next time.

“They were both very good,” Wolff told Sky Sports F1. “We showed a good rhythm today. In terms of performance, they were both good at racing in different setups. The hairpin is where they put new asphalt and we suffered less from stiffness there. I do not think that is the case [that we’re back]we have to keep working.

“We have to develop the car in a different window from the one we had. We had it very low on the ground and that clearly did not work. You can not drive it there, so we lift it, lift it and lift it, but then you lose the vertical force. It is always a compromise. We have to master the problem and that’s what we do. Before boarding next season’s car, you must first understand the problems.

“Within the team, Lewis has always been positive. How the two work together is amazing. I’m happy for him because he has had bad luck with his side so far this season and he could have been on the podium a few times, but the safety cars stopped him. If we are able to run the car low, then we can be competitive in Silverstone. So let’s see. “


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“We deserved more than the ninth,” says Alonso

Fernando Alonso threatened with huge upset after finishing qualifying for the P2 front row with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, but engine problems and a minor accident with the virtual safety car cost Alpine valuable time during the race. on Sunday, before the five-second weaving penalty fell to a two-time world champion until the P9 after the race.

“Yes, we were unlucky once again with VSC,” Alonso said. “I was just at the start-finish line when he came and I was just entering the pits when he finished, so we decided to stay out, so I was a little unlucky there. But the biggest problem was the engine, we had a problem with the engine in Round 20 or something.

“I lost, for example, one second a lap with the engine running, and from that moment we forgot the pedestal or withdrew the car, we just stayed on the DRS train with the cars in front to defend ourselves. But it was very difficult to stay with Esteban [Ocon] or Charles [Leclerc] because in the straight lines we lost a second.

“I think we deserved better than ninth place this weekend,” he added, “but it’s still good for both cars to score in the end. “Eventually we lost a great opportunity to fight for a possible podium as I felt I had the rhythm to do so.”

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Alonso was sentenced to one year in the Canadian Grand Prix for weaving

Fernando Alonso fell two places behind in the final of the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday, after receiving a penalty of five seconds for turning while defending his position.

Alonso, who started second on the grid, was found to have broken the rules in an attempt to stop Valtteri Bottas from crossing, blocking every turn left and right repeatedly. The rules state that a defensive driver can only make one move to block a car approaching from behind, and after choosing his move he must abide by it.

After the match, Alonso, who finished seventh, explained his actions to the referees, but apparently they were not chased and imposed the penalty that pushed him back two places behind Bottas and his Alfa Romeo teammate Zhou Guanyu, collecting two points instead of six.

Michael JonesJune 21, 2022 12:27 PM


Alonso complains of engine problems and lack of luck

After an amazing Q3 at the Canadian Grand Prix – where he finished second behind Max Verstappen – Alpine’s Fernando Alonso, but only finished seventh at the end of the race behind teammate Esteban Ocon.

Alonso was left to ruin an engine problem that cost him speed in a straight line and a further penalty for weaving dropped him to ninth place in a race that was forgotten for the 40-year-old.

“We were unlucky in the security car,” Alonso explained. “We decided to box right after the end of the security car. Other people behind us were lucky once again and overtook us.

“In lap 20 or something I had a problem with the engine and the battery, I crashed in the straight lines and lost eight tenths per lap. I had to overdo it to try to keep up the pace and the DRS. It was a very difficult match.

“It’s still positive. The car was very fast this weekend. Without the engine problem we were P3 in the race ahead of Lewis. “Without the engine problem, that was still possible.”


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