Etymologies for some recent candidate invitations

Some recent calls are finding their way into the sun of fantasy in this version of Closing Time. Install, settlers.

The Red Sox will eventually get it Enrique Hernandez off the injured list, but maybe better Jaren Duran Anyway. Duran had one day in the win over Detroit on Monday, with two hits, two runs, one walk and two glorious stolen bases.

Duran had a strong slash of .305 / .379 / .531 in 43 games in the Triple-A (with six homers, 11 steals) and his slash is almost the same for the tiny sample of eight games in Boston. He is 25, so he should be ready. The Red Sox have led him to five of the last six games.

There is plenty of time to drop some tires, with Duran only 10% appearing in the Yahoo world.

CJ Abrams returns to the Majors

CJ Abrams did not hit in his first test in San Diego this year, but returned for another attempt. The Padres lost Manny Machado at the weekend and obviously, Fernando Tatis Jr. it’s not ready.

If you see Abraham’s cup half full, you adore his .314 / .364 / .507 line from Triple-A, with seven hostages and ten steals. That’s playing. But he also has 21 MLB level games, and has not hit a single lick: .271 / .258 / .259. The Padres beat him eighth on Monday and watched him score 0-for-3.

There is no magic answer to when the light comes on with noisy prospects. Abrams is still just 21 years old. Maybe he can sneak into the relevance of the imagination sometime this summer. Has 18 percent roster in Y.

What a debut for Oneil Cruz

I do not lead with Oneil Cruz because a lot has been written in recent days. Living perspective. And man, fill the suit – 6 feet 7, 220 pounds. This is a mammoth athlete for any position, but especially for a shortstop.

Oneil Cruz is a great fantasy prospect. (Photo by Justin K. Aller / Getty Images)

Cruz had a day in his season debut, with a single, double and four RBIs against the Cubs. What is interesting is that Cruz did not have a great Triple-A season when he was recalled. a vertical .232 / .336 / .422, with nine hostages and 11 steals. The juice class is fun, the vertical line more common. But we have to respect the pedigree, and of course, we love some class juice.

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Yahoo executives are seeing a reasonable uptick and have already reacted. Cruz has risen rapidly to 59% of the roster in the last two days.

Andrew Vaughn makes a statement

I’m old enough to remember when Tony LaRussa was considered one of baseball’s geniuses. Nobody says that today. But at least LaRussa finally made it to Andrew Vaughn, Chicago’s growing slugger.

Vaughn won the ninth slot earlier in the year, but LaRussa finally raised the child to No. 2 about a month ago. This became Vaughn’s happy ending, as he cut 0.345 / .405 / .540 from this ignition. Vaughn had four hits, including a homer, as the White Sox outscored Toronto on Monday.

Sometimes Vaughn plays in the first base, sometimes he is off the field, sometimes he does DH. It does not seem to matter – it always beats. Yahoo players have taken the perfume, pushing Vaughn over 50% of the roster. With Tim Anderson Returning to the Chicago lineup, this unsuccessful club may be ready to take off as summer begins.

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