Emma Thompson talks about the difficult nude scene of “Leo Grande” and shows “intimacy without romance”

Sophie Hyde never read a script faster. The 52 Tuesdays The director was quarantined in Australia when she learned she needed a director for a Katie Bradt independent film starring two Oscar-winning Emma Thompson as a lonely 55-year-old widow and empty nest hiring a male worker (McDorm) because she had never had an orgasm in her life.

“The idea [was] “Emma is wonderful and great, but together they felt like magic,” Hyde tells us during a recent interview about the positive sex dramatic comedy that emerged. Good luck to you, Leo Grandewhich premiered with raves – and an Oscar buzz for Thompson – at the January Sundance Film Festival (the film is now airing in Hulu).

While much of the film is two-handed, conversational, almost scenic, as Nancy thinks nervously about going through various acts with Leo, the film has caught the attention of her top, satisfying sex scene – revealed by Thompson and the company was not originally in the script, but was added to the middle production.

“We moved towards it as a team,” said Thompson, 63. “He won by exploring the characters and the situation and what was right. You could not somehow decide on the end until we spent the trip with them… These two people had a good time without reservations, without qualifications… And yet it was not romance. I liked that. “I thought it was radical to show intimacy without romance.”

Really love, Leo Grande is not.

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack come in Good luck to you, Leo Grande. (Photo: Searchlight Pictures / courtesy of Everett Collection)

Thompson described a scene in the film – where Nancy stands completely naked and looks at herself in the mirror – as the most difficult thing she has ever done. The Sense and Sensibility and Harry Potter The star tells us that she overcame it “being Nancy”. After some resistance, however.

“I mean, they dragged me, kicked me and I was screaming. I was like, “Please, do not force me to do this. “Please,” he recalls. “But I said, ‘Okay. It is OK. It’s not me Ν Nancy does not objectify herself… She does not judge herself negatively or positively. She is a strangely neutral look and looks at herself, not because of the outside, but inside. She can suddenly feel herself. So in a way it is a rebirth. So this mirror look is the first time she has ever really seen her body. “

Hyde says she was aware of Thompson’s reservations.

“Because Emma is an incredible person who is very mentally stimulating and has a lot of spiritual ideas, but she is still like the rest of us, just steeped in a culture that teaches us to hate our bodies,” explains Hyde.

“You know, it’s not easy to get away with… And especially as an actor, he’s faced with it all the time. I knew it was hard to do. I do not think I realized how difficult the moment would be for her. Because she knows that for Nancy, Nancy has just acquired this great pleasure in herself… For the first time in her life, she does not care what she looks like “.

– The video is produced by Anne Lilburn and edited by Jimmie Rhee

Good luck to you, Leo Grande is currently airing on Hulu.

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