Colorfulkoala High Waisted 7/8 leggings are sold on Amazon

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Amazon best seller leggings deserve a place in your “comfortable” drawer. (Photo: Amazon)

If you do not already live in leggings, get ready to convert. These cult tights are so comfortable, supportive and versatile that they will stand out from any other pants you have – oh, and they sell for $ 17.50! It is a state of victory everywhere.

Available in 33 solid colors and prints, including tried and tested black, Colorfulkoala leggings have garnered nearly 36,000 five-star reviews. They also pass the “bending test” and are designed for ultimate comfort. They are still available in sizes XS to XL – but they sell out fast!

If you have Amazon Prime, you will get free shipping, of course. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for the free 30 day trial here. (And by the way, those who do not have Prime still have free shipping on orders $ 25 or more.)

$ 17.50 $ 25 on Amazon

Let’s analyze all the reasons why these separate leggings are so obsessed with buyers who buy multiple.

So comfortable!

Colorfulkoala high-waisted leggings 7/8 (Photo: Amazon)

Become a happy person and get some Colorfulkoalas. (Photo: Amazon)

Colorfulkoala high-waisted leggings have several superior comfort factors. For a start, their high waist is seamless, so that it supports you without digging. They are made with flatlock construction, which minimizes the volume and the material used is buttery soft! It is also lightweight and removes moisture by stretching in four directions. So there is support, but you feel that you are wearing almost nothing. Customers are floor.

“HOLY LONG!” said one buyer. “They fit! And not just fit, they fit perfectly !!!! Stretching in these leggings is nothing like I have ever seen, and the grip makes me feel like the 175 kg I aspire to become. They hold perfectly but are not tight , they are stretched but it is not transparent at all! “

“WOW, they nailed it,” another weighed. “Super soft, very elastic and comfortable, provides enough support and looks very nice.”

Satisfactory elastic and supportive

Colorfulkoala high-waisted leggings 7/8 (Photo: Amazon)

No if, and or …. qualifiers of any kind – you need a pair of them! (Photo: Amazon)

Other buyers agree that when it comes to implementation and performance, these can not be defeated.

“I had a hard time finding a good pair of tights at a reasonable price that is not transparent when you bend over. THIS IS, LADIES!”, Wrote a happy customer. “They’re so elastic, but still supportive. They’re so soft … The fabric looks thin, but in fact it ‘s still very protective … You can stretch them as much as you want, but I can not see anything through them, so yes , they are waterproof! “

“Extremely flattering and the belt does not cut in! The waist belt is so seamless,” one buyer remarked. “I can not advertise it enough. Durable for the gym and very comfortable at the same time.”

“The seam falls off and makes my butt look livelier than it really is,” added one candid critic.

$ 17.50 $ 25 on Amazon

“Soft butter” is the way everyone describes the sensation

Colorfulkoala high-waisted leggings 7/8 (Photo: Amazon)

These legs are cut 7/8, but we will make every effort to achieve a pair of them. (Photo: Amazon)

As for the details of the fabric and the construction, the buyers say that these leggings do everything right.

“Extremely soft, plenty of stretch while still offering decent compression, and most importantly, DO NOT SEE !!!” said one buyer. “The side pockets are also great, they fit easily and comfortably on my iPhone 7Plus. Overall, high quality and very well made, especially for the price. I will definitely buy more pairs!

“The term buttery soft describes the feeling perfectly, the application is perfect and high-waisted, not too high, it just hits the navel,” wrote a buyer in love. “I felt great exercising and sweating a lot, so I hate the feeling of soaked material. Very good sweat removal, they dry quickly.”

“They are buttery soft, squat-resistant and feel like second skin! Not to mention they are SUPER cute,” wrote another critic. Here we see a pattern!

Better than the competition

The perfect tricks for much more expensive couples.  (Photo: Amazon)

We are afraid that the camo will not do you any good. you will stand out in them! (Photo: Amazon)

Of course, Colorfulkoala high-waisted leggings have been compared to high-profile peers like Lululemon, Fabletics and P’tula – but leggings snobs say these Amazon bestsellers are more than that.

“Em, okay .. these are amazing. I saw a video on YouTube that these were close to Lululemon … and I really like them MORE. (Crazy, I know). These do not cost $ 100 / pair, they have good pockets, they give “enough compression to support the abdomen, they are extremely elastic, comfortable and stay in place,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “Well, I’m a little addicted to Lululemon (oh, don’t judge me!) And I’m used to paying $ 100 for a good quality yoga leggings because I like things that will last. However, I got a $ 29 bet on them. because of such rave reviews, and I’m absolutely AMAZED and glad I did! They fit just as well with Lululemon Aligns and have an incredibly similar, almost identical fabric to Lulu’s Nulu (which is soft with butter)!

$ 17.50 $ 25 on Amazon

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