Carrie looks mortal at night, Andrew Wiggins and the Warriors defense win Game 5

SAN FRANCISCO – The Warriors won Game 4 because Stephen Curry was an unstoppable force.

In Game 5, Curry looked mortal – 0-to-9 out of 3, breaking 132 playoff games with at least one making 3.

The Warriors won anyway thanks to a huge defensive effort, plenty of depth and the creation of role players to be ready for these moments. This is especially true of Andrew Wiggins, who was the best player on the floor in a Finals game.

“I thought Gary Payton and Wiggs and Draymond [Green] “It really helped our defensive effort to keep this team at 94 points,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. “This is what it takes to win a Finals game. “It has to do with defense.”

And for the readiness to play in moments full of pressure. The Celtics changed the scenario in this series and dominated in the third, clearing a 12-point lead for the Warriors at halftime and taking the lead. The Warriors responded as the champions did – including another Jordan Poole buzzer-beater.

“I thought that was the most important part of the game tonight, because we had a 12-point lead at halftime, and they came and just invaded us in the third quarter,” Kerr said. “But the response to the Boston run to me was the key to the game.”

That game ended in a 104-94 victory for the Warriors, which put the Warriors 3-2 in the NBA Finals, a victory away from another title. The 6th race is on Thursday in Boston.

Wiggins continued the playoff series that changed the story, scoring 26 points with 13 rebounds and another night of natural defense for Jason Tatum. He never withstood the pressure to be No. 1 or the weight of a franchise on his shoulders in Minnesota, but was asked to share the burden with other top perimeter players at Golden State, he has prospered.

“I feel like I’m here, it’s a winning culture,” Wiggins said. “They have won in the past and they have dominated the NBA. When I got here, they put you in a position to succeed. They always bring out the best in you. They want the best for you. You know, supportive. “

Golden State was more physical from the first step, playing stronger defense than it had in all series, and that stopped the Boston attack early.

At the same time, the Celtics did a much better job with Carrie, not only bringing him up, but also bringing help and not losing him when he moved after he left. The Celtics defense deserves some credit for Curry shooting 7-of-22.

From game 1, Celtics coach Ime Udoka’s plan was to let Curry have a few buckets so the defenders could stay home with other players and move away from the ball and passes where Warriors thrive. That should have changed after Curry lost 43 in Game 4, but Udoka’s concerns proved valid.

“But we have to do it with others,” Ime Udoka told the Celtics’ defense of Curry. “Whenever you got the Wiggins with 26, [Klay] Thompson with 21, [Gary] Payton and [Jordan] “Poole from bench 15, 14, somehow make up for some of the things he did.”

Udoka could not trust the Celtics bench the same way. Tatum and Brown played the entire third quarter and finished the game with 45 and 44 minutes, respectively. Their legs looked a bit dead at the end, with some of Tatum’s shots in the fourth hitting the front of the lip.

“We obviously ran longer for them to get back in the game in third,” Udoka said. “It seemed that our decision was reduced a little to a quarter. It could be from that. He did not get much production from the counter. “We went a little further with them, as they came back to us and tried to use the timeouts for their rest.”

Tatum finished with 27 points, Smart 20 and Brown 18. Boston had just 10 points on the bench and six of them came in trash time in the final minutes.

Boston is returning home knowing it needs a win to extend its season. Although they did not play under pressure in the 5th game, they have also won two 7 games to reach these Finals. The Celtics have responded to the pressure, but they have to do it again.

Golden State enters the 6th game knowing how Steven Curry responds to nights out.

“It was 0-for-9 out of three,” Green said. “He will be excited about Game 6, and that is exactly what we need.”

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