Brooke Shields recommends True Botanicals Resurrection Radiance eye cream

Brooke Shields recommends True Botanicals Resurrection Radiance eye cream

Brooke Shields and eye cream

Brooke Shields Advanced Eye Cream works to deflate under the eyes and reduce fine lines. (Photo: Nordstrom)

Brooke Shields has long been a symbol of beauty, with flawless skin that seems to defy the rule of time. That is why, when the actress decides to share her secrets to find the source of youth, we are here to listen to her. One of her biggest recommendations? True Botanicals Resurrection Radiance eye cream, which you can buy on the True Botanicals website for $ 78.

$ 78 at True Botanicals

Although a bit on the expensive side, True Botanicals is celebrating its anniversary with a sale across the site starting tomorrow. It is an event of buying more, saving more – you can get up to 30% off orders and other benefits.

said Shields Glamor in an interview because she longs for the Resurrection Radiation. “The eye cream is so rich; I use it every morning,” the 56-year-old explained. “I warm it first with my fingers and sometimes I take a tool that I keep in the freezer and wrap it around the eye area to help absorb the eye cream. The coolness of the tools as well as the cream really helps with fine lines. “I also put it around my eyes as soon as I get on a plane and it helps me get rid of any swelling I have.”

Shields, who represents the brand, also showed some love for True Botanicals Chebula Extreme Cream, which she said helps to add hydration to the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. We can also say from personal experience that the rich hydration of this cream, combined with the natural scent of flowers, is the perfect morning pick-me-up.

eye cream

“Resurrect” the youthful and glowing under the eyes with this cream, available at Nordstrom. (Photo: Nordstrom)

But Shields is not alone in her love of True Botanicals – celebrities like Kate Hudson, Kristen Bell, Laura Dern and Ashley Graham are also obsessed with vegan, a tough beauty brand. So what exactly makes this eye cream so special? Resurrection Radiance eye cream contains a number of natural ingredients such as tree bark extract that directly addresses the cause of circles under the eyes. You will also find turmeric, coffee and licorice extracts, which work to brighten and deflate tired under the eyes, while restoring a youthful glow. But not only that – the powerhouse cream comes with green tea extract, avocado oil and moisturizing glycerin to reduce the appearance of fine lines over time. For those who love pure beauty, you can be sure knowing that this formula is hypoallergenic and free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances.

We fully understand the advertising campaign now, as do the critics on the True Botanical website.

eye cream

If it’s good enough for Brooke, it’s good enough for us! (Photo: True Botanicals)

“After a week my dark circles have improved considerably. It also seems to tighten (in a good way) and deflate under my eyes. I love the scent, the texture and the ‘feel’ of the application,” said one happy critic.

“I love the eye cream. I think the pigment around my eyes is lighter and the puffiness is reduced. The tiny lines also look less noticeable,” added another.

Take advantage of Brooke Shield’s secret beauty routine now with True Botanicals Resurrection Radiance eye cream.

$ 78 at True Botanicals

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