Bradley Bill, Bobby Portis, Nicholas Batum, Lakers, Nets

Bradley Bill, Bobby Portis, Nicholas Batum, Lakers, Nets

One of the top free agents on the market has decided on his player selection.

Below is the latest information gathered by HoopsHype for some of the top names in the freelance market, such as Bradley Billand notable prospects in this year’s draft category such as Jake LaRavia.

Bradley Bill

Bradley Beal celebrates after a game

Bradley Beal celebrates after a game

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The star of the Washington Wizards Bradley Bill will reject the player’s $ 36.4 million selection for the 2022-23 season and will enter unrestrictedly this summer, a league source told HoopsHype.

Beal can sign a $ 248 million five-year contract with the Wizards for free, as our HoopsHype expert Yossi Golzan is described in a recent story that describes all the player and team selection options.

The three-time All-Star is currently ranked fourth overall in our HoopsHype free agent ranking.

Bobby Portis

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Having previously made a discount to re-sign with the Milwaukee Bucks, many in the league are waiting Bobby Portis reject the $ 4.6 million player’s selection for the 2022-23 season and enter without restrictions without restrictions.

Portis is one of the top free agents on the market this summer, averaging career points (14.6) and rebounds (9.1) per game. It ranks 12th in the HoopsHype free agent ranking and is expected to achieve a huge salary increase this summer.

Nicholas Batum

Nicolas Batum, LA Clippers

Nicolas Batum, LA Clippers

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Nicolas Batum will turn down a $ 3.3 million player per ESPN Adrian Voinarovsky. From any public appearance from Batum, it would be a surprise if he left the Clippers, as the LA Times beat the author Andrew Greif famous.

Clippers can offer him a higher annual interest rate through his Early Bird Rights. Opposing NBA executives who spoke to HoopsHype believe that Batum could have an average annual salary of $ 10 million.

Los Angeles Lakers

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The expectation around the NBA is that the Los Angeles Lakers will select the $ 2.35 million team in the forward Stanley Johnson. New Lakers coach Darwin Hamm He publicly stressed the importance of role players like Johnson. Johnson set a career record of 46.6% with the Lakers.

The Lakers asked to buy a second round option in this year’s draft, sources in the league told HoopsHype. The team has worked out several predictable options for the second round to prepare for such a scenario.

Brooklyn Nets

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

While the last buzz surrounds by Kyrie Irving In the long run with the Nets, multiple toggle players have attracted interest in the commercial market.

The Nets have received swingman calls Joe Harris and guard Kam Thomas from many teams across the league that measure Brooklyn’s interest in moving any player, league sources told HoopsHype.

Opponents believe Thomas could have a possible first-round pick in the trade talks and Joe Harris is the team’s most realistic commercial asset if Brooklyn tries to upgrade to a different position. Opposing teams believe Harris could be more available than ever with his team-mate Seth Curry with a contract for $ 8.5 million next season.

However, internally, the Nets believe that the size of Harris can help them on the boards next season and his floor distance would help Ben Simmons thrive with the team in transition and create lanes for the Australian forward. A possible composition of Irving, Curry, Harris, Simmons and Kevin Durand would provide maximum distance to the floor for Simmons to thrive and would be a nightmare to cover defensively.

New Orleans Pelicans

Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Pelican guard Devode Graham is available in the commercial market, league sources told HoopsHype.

Graham, who started 63 of 76 races last season, owes $ 36.3 million over the next three seasons, but only $ 2.85 million is guaranteed for the 2024-25 season, according to our payroll page at HoopsHype Pelicans.

Cleveland Cavaliers

David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned in the previous long draft HoopsHype aggregator, the Cleveland Cavaliers are open to returning to the draft if they can get an extra future first round pick.

Several teams have asked about Cleveland’s 14th overall pick, including the Minnesota Timberwolves, Memphis Grizzlies and Milwaukee Bucks, league sources told HoopsHype.

Milwaukee Bucks

Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Predicted first round selection Jake LaRavia visited the Milwaukee Bucks and trained for the team twice, league sources told HoopsHype.

LaRavia is ranked 26th overall in our LIVE aggregate draft HoopsHype. Find out why executives and scouts like his game, who the former All-Star is compared to and more in our interview at HoopsHype.

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