Big Ten coaches speak anonymously about Michigan football

Athlon Sports came out with an article Tuesday in which other Big Ten coaches speak anonymously about the schools that reside in the conference.

Athlon Sports asked for honest appraisals from the coaches it contacted, but to do so it had to remain anonymous.

When it comes to Michigan, it seems there were four different coaches who had a say in the Wolverines.

The head coach talked about Michigan being a changed program in 2021. The unnamed coach said the energy was different — for the better — and the Wolverines had more speed. This coach thinks Michigan is pretty loaded on offense, but the coach is curious about how Jim Harbaugh and Michigan handle the quarterback situation between Cade McNamara and JJ McCarthy.

“This was a program that changed in 2021 and the results reflect that. Even before they beat OSU or won the conference, I think the coaches in the league knew it could happen. You saw a different action here. they had more speed than in recent years, and were still just as physical. They were violent in the movie. It was Michigan football. They’ve had two good backs come down, one returning this year, and I expect more of the same on offense. They have good tight ends and are still young overall on offense. The big pieces are in place on this side of the ball. We are curious how they manage the two quarterbacks and if JJ [McCarthy] it takes more time. Both have positives, but that’s always hard to get right.”

The second-year coach has questions about Michigan’s defense. He noted that both Aidan Hutchinson and David Ojabo are gone and it’s not just a plug-and-play situation. The Wolverines will try to replace NFL players and the coach wonders how that will work.

“Defensively, you can’t just replace those wing guys. These are NFL players and Michigan is great, but this is not a plug-and-play situation for anyone. So the defense will have a different identity. The measure of this program is how they replace league-class guys who leave. How deep can you stock your roster where you send these guys and still compete at close to that level?”

The third base coach has a brief statement for new defensive coordinator Jesse Minter. Minter comes from Vanderbilt, but worked with former Michigan coordinator Mike Macdonald on the Baltimore Ravens. This coach doesn’t think Michigan will see much of a change in scheme with the coordinator change. During the Big Ten days, players had similar feelings.

“[DC Jesse] Minter will transition immediately. I don’t think you’re going to see any kind of departure in terms of the plan.”

The fourth and final coach wants to see how Michigan stacks up after 2021. Does losing such good players on the defensive side of the ball hurt the Wolverines, or do they have enough players to soften the blow?

“What you’re looking for this year is how quickly they replenish. Was ’21 the exception or the new rule?’


Big Ten coaches: What made Michigan football different in 2021

This story originally appeared on Wolverines Wire

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