222 million children in crisis in urgent need of educational support

222 million children in crisis in urgent need of educational support

GENEVA, June 21, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The United Nations Global Fund for Education in Emergency and Prolonged Crisis, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), today released a shocking new report showing that the number of school-age children affected by the crisis need educational support has increased from an estimated 75 million in 2016 to 222 million today.


Caption: “Help us to offer education to every child, everywhere. Help us keep # 222MillionDreams alive. ‘ – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Of the 222 million children and adolescents affected by the crisis who need urgent support, the study shows that 78.2 million are out of school and almost 120 million go to school but do not have a minimum in math or reading. In fact, only one in ten children affected by the crisis in primary or secondary education actually achieve these standards of competence.

“We need governments, businesses, institutions and individuals to support the vital work of Education Cannot Wait. Help us bring education closer to every child, everywhere. Help us keep the 222 million dreams alive,” he said. of the UN Antonio Guterres.

The analysis shows that 84% of out-of-school children affected by crises live in areas with prolonged crises. The vast majority are in countries specifically targeted through ECW pioneering multiannual investments, including Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen.

To respond to this pressing global education crisis, the ECW and its strategic partners launched the Resource Mobilization Campaign # 222MillionDreams at Geneva today. The campaign calls on donors, the private sector, charities and high net worth individuals to urgently mobilize more resources to scale up ECW’s investment, which already offers quality education to more than 5 million children in more than 40 countries. have been hit by the crisis.

“The financial resources to ensure that every child and young person can receive quality education exist in the world. Governments, the private sector and institutions can and must unlock these resources,” The Rt said. Hon. Gordon BrownUN Special Envoy for Global Education and Chairman of the ECW High Level Steering Group.

Campaign Leads to Education Cannot Wait High Level Funding Conference 16-17 February 2023 in Geneva.

“This is a global call to action. As people struggle with the devastating effects of armed conflict, COVID-19 and climate change, 222 million children are living through these horrific experiences. It is our duty to empower them through education. “and help make dreams come true,” said the ECW director Jasmine Sheriff.

(PRNewsfoto / Education can not wait)

(PRNewsfoto / Education can not wait)



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